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17) Leverage Web 2.0 Social Media to Promote Your Info Barrel Articles.
Most online users have some sort of 'presence' at least somewhere online. Whether you have accrued enough 'posts' to be taken seriously or seen as an authority on your favorite forum, or you have quite a few Facebook friends or Twitter followers, don't underestimate the inherent value of social media. It was at a movie recently that I can recall hearing the word "Facebook" uttered by surrounding people more than just about any other topic of consideration. At one time, Mark Zuckerburg (Founder of Facebook) announced that they had over 300,000,000 members worldwide, with 70,000+ new members joining each week. This kind of growth is unheard of. If you aren't leveraging Facebook NOW, then you really should be.

From the most obscure bloggers to some of the most recoqnizable brands (Nike? Reeee's? eBay?), these particular entities have made the most of social media. I highly recommend that you visit their Facebook fan pages, learn what they do and try your hardest to emulate it. It would be an absolute honor to have you connect with me on Facebook and/or Twitter!

18) Write an Article about Info Barrel. Writing an Info Barrel article about Info Barrel can incur you quite a few awesome benefits. Not only does doing this serve to reinforce your own decision to write for Info Barrel, but this is also perhaps the single easiest way to make a solid case for Info Barrel, as well. If you present a compelling enough of a case, in favor of Info Barrel, the chances are highly likely that your readers will join it as well. Creatively slide in your Info Barrel referral link, and you can earn 2% lifetime Google Adsense revenue share on their articles, as well. It wasn't until I began actually writing articles about Info Barrel that I began to see just how much many other 'similar' websites pale in comparison. For years now, I haven't written for these competitive websites without really know what exactly I was getting as far as functionality and revenue share distribution and allocation. One thing is for sure, Info Barrel quickly became the easiest sell I've EVER made, once I was able to lay out a chart comparing them to 18 or so other companies. If you are interested, you can find this chart on many of my Info Barrel ebook status updates!

19) Establish Yourself as and 'Authority' now. One beautiful aspect of Info Barrel is that it has the functionality embedded that allows passionate writers to be seen as 'authorities' in their chosen niche(s). As you continue writing articles on Info Barrel, if they are at all related, they will display as links in the Right-hand side next to your article. If you are successful at even achieving some search engine traffic to ONE of those articles, you can capture and secure your readers interest in your niche, keep them entertained and interested in your current article, but you can also increase your likelihood of earning through their subsequent exposure to your many "Related Articles". Just as a challenge, scroll up to your Info Barrel "search" bar and type in the phrase "Common Interview Questions". Once you do that, click on the first article written by jcmayer777. Notice the right hand side of his article? He has successfully managed to solidify himself in an awesome niche. Whether your passion be cooking or football, capture your traffic, and maximize your opportunities to gain repeat exposure to your advertisements and earn.

20) Identify the Most "Successful" Writers and Emulate What they are Doing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for inspiring powerhouse Info Barrel writers like jcmayer777. There are a few users here who, while they do write articles tailored specifically for search engines, they also write articles because doing so simply helps to raise the knowledge base and understanding of the collective. When I first began writing here, I explored his articles, and learned to do what he did. There was a reason why he was earning so much every month, so, I figured, if I did what he did, I could realize similar success if I worked hard at it.

21) Submit One Article a Day. While it may be easy to become discouraged when you see other Info Barrel writers producing 10-20-30 pieces of new content a day, just remember that your potential to earn here is near endless. If you make it a goal to submit 1 new piece of content a day, that will add up to 365 articles by year end. Even as a website with a current Google PR4 ranking, several writers are already report earning what the most established writers on more elite PR7 websites make every month. This is a true testament to just how quickly Info Barrel has grown and emerged as a powerhouse in this industry. New case studies are being developed with each day, on Info Barrel, and if Alexa/Compete/Quantcast trends are any indicator, Info Barrel could be a huge player in this industry sooner rather than later. NOW is the time to develop your article database.

22) REALLY Learn Info Barrel's HTML Editing Interface. Many writers will tell you that they fully understand how to edit their Info Barrel articles, but, do they REALLY? It's human nature to just familiarize ourselves with the features that we use the most and are most relevant to us. Take a bit of time and hover your mouse over all the little icons on your article editing page. Learn what each one does, and perhaps apply them wherever you feel necessary. Not only can you explore this functionality, but you can also creatively implement strategies to greatly increase your Google Adsense earnings. I use such strategies as alternative bold/non-bold text in order to draw further attention, and interest, to my Google Adsense hosted advertisements. Because these strategies are really quite detailed, I speak more about them in my Info Barrel eBook.

23) Use Arial Font. Article font selection is one of several inherent "choices" that writers are afforded on Info Barrel. Having the ability to make guided decisions, in a structured system/environment, is imperative to the success of Info Barrel. Even still, many bloggers and writers have written about the value of using Arial font. Compared to the other font options, I honestly believe that the Arial font is the most 'easy' on the eyes to read. The more I researched this, the more it appeared like many agreed with me, at least for online media. As much as I've used "Times New Roman" frequently in the past (for College papers, etc.), "Times New Roman" definitely is NOT the font you want to use online. You want to maximize your readers interest and experience, therefore, using the "Arial" font, I guarantee, will lead to greater "readability" of your article text. Not only that but, when coupled with interesting and compelling content, you will find that people will read your articles longer, and be more inclined to click on your other 'related articles'. The more you can get people to explore your writing, the greater you enhance your chances to actually earning on those articles through repeat exposure to your advertisements.

24) REALLY Understand How Info Barrel's Revenue Share Works. Contrary to what some may believe, or understand to be the case, Info Barrel writers aren't paid 75% of all their advertisement revenue, but, rather they are paid 100% of their article(s) revenue that is generated during the75-90% time/impressions that their Google Adsense ID is rotated and displayed to their readers. This is a mild discrepancy in how some writers understand or perceive Info Barrel's system to work. I bring this up because I had actually thought we were basically paid 75-90% of each and every click to our article advertisements. When the numbers are 'crunched', you can actually see that a 100% revenue share for our Adsense ID being displayed 75-90% of the time is actually more lucrative in the long run.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....