1) Be consistent with Your Info Barrel Article Submissions. There are 365 days in a year. If you have yet to submit an article to Info Barrel, there is no better time than now (even though, at the time of this writing, the New Year hasn't officially begun yet!). Beginning to submit your writing and content now can jump start your passion to pursue your New Year's resolution with force and excitement. When January 1st rolls around, I would highly recommend trying to submit at least 1 new Info Barrel article every day (if you aren't doing that already). Doing this can put you well on your way to earning a really great passive income online. In fact, with about 250 articles (give or take), jcmayer777 makes almost $500 extra per month in passive residual income on Info Barrel.

He will be the first to tell you that many of his articles don't even earn him as much as the articles that he had submitted after educating himself significantly on search engine optimization, and a few other topics related directly to his awesome success on Info Barrel. In fact, based on my own earnings experience, once I began to grasp some core fundamental principles of Search Engine Optimization, I have very strong reason to believe that my last 30 submitted Info Barrel articles actually earn more than my first 150 submitted articles combined. This doesn't mean that it isn't important to produce a large quantity of articles, however, if you don't have a decent grasp of search engine optimization, you can produce all the articles in the world, and never earn a penny. For once, apart from what MANY would have you believe, it's not necessarily the VOLUME of articles you produce, but, rather, the RIGHT type of articles that are specifically tailored to make them earning machines on the Info Barrel platform.

2) Realize that there are a TON of People Who Don't Know What they Are Doing. Regardless of whether you write articles for eHow, HubPage, Squidoo, Info Barrel, or a variety of other online article submission/revenue sharing websites, this industry in filled with tons and tons of writers who simply don't know what they are doing. They may be able to craft the most fine articles, that parallel an awesome novel that has stood generations of criticism and analysis and discussion, but if they don't have a fundamental understanding of what makes search engines tick, they are essentially attempting to shoot an arrow into an apple while ride a moving horse backward with a blindfold on in the dark.

One awesome benefit behind others not knowing what they are doing is that it gives YOU an opportunity to do completely opposite of what they are doing. Most here have at least some skill in writing, but, my mistake when I first began writing for Info Barrel was that I really tried my hardest to construct very deep, thought provoking sentences that painted elaborate pictures in the minds of my readers. Unfortunately, while I believe these articles were written well, they didn't attract attention from the search engines. Your major hindrance (like me) could very well be that you are THAT good of a writer. You don't have to completely change what you are doing, you just need to learn HOW to do it in such a way that Earns (isn't that why all...most....of us are here anyway?)

3) Remember Where You Were and How far You have Come. There is certainly an ever present temptation to associate one's VOLUME of articles with their earnings here on Info Barrel. This is a unstated "rule" that seems to prevail regardless of where one chooses to write. The truth is, while I was sitting pretty with 150+ articles submitted here, I really wasn't earning much. What good is it to have 150+ articles (anywhere) if they aren't earning anything?

It is true that every reader, who reads this post, will have come from different backgrounds, as well as, different experiences with Info Barrel. You may have over 300 articles submitted, or are just planning to submit your very first, soon after you read this article. It is imperative that we all stay humble and remember where we came from on this journey. Take a good snapshot of your user profile right now, and revisit it 6 months late into the year. If you will be beginning to write from Info Barrel come January 1st, make your mind up then and there that you will strive to remain consistent and dedicated to submitting content, even if your earnings wax and wean (this is expected).

4) Flaunt Your Unique. Admittedly, this phrase wasn't coined by me. In fact, I first came across it while reading a few different blogs online. Fortunately for you, the Info Barrel user, inherent to Info Barrel's platform is an opportunity to really solidify yourself as an authority in whatever niche you hope to establish yourself in. You need to learn what makes you stand out from the crowd, and exploit it to no end. As you write new articles, Info Barrel allows its writers an opportunity to solidify themselves, by affording them the ability to use their very articles to capture search engine traffic, keep their readers intrigued by awesome content, and expose them to links to "related articles". In fact, it is up to you to write the articles that become your "related articles". By doing this, you will further enhance your revenue generating potential by constantly exposing captured traffic to your own hosted advertisements on all your Info Barrel related content.

5) Have no fear. With the New Year upon us, there is no doubt that you will occasionally feel a sense of fear of failure. You will feel that your article submission output is far inferior to the submissions of others. While others submit 5 articles a day, you may become discouraged when your family, home, and work life only affords you the opportunity to write one new article a day. The truth is, this may actually be one of the best approaches to take. By making it a goal to submit one new Info Barrel article a day, you don't put significant risk on yourself to experience burnout. In fact, if you make it a goal to submit one new article a day, you will accumulate 365 articles by the end of the year.

As mentioned earlier, jcmayer777 makes near $500 a month (currently) with far less than 365 articles submitted. Add to this the fact that many of his earlier articles don't even earn. With this in mind, if you only produce one quality article a day, but that very article is correctly optimized to attract search engines like a behemoth super magnet, you could earn well over $20 a month PER article. This is entirely possible, and jcmayer777 is living proof that it is possible.......IF you know what you are doing. Do not have fear that you won't be successful. There are billions of people in this world, and tons of people are just finding the internet for the first time each day.

6) See the Potential of Info Barrel. Amongst its horrible horrible glitches, and near inexistent customer service, the website elite eHow.com STILL managed to pay out over $37,000,000+ to its writers last year. With its massive escalation through the search engine rankings, I have bluntly compared Info Barrel to being similar to being on the ground floor of a killer stock that was destined to go to the moon. If Info Barrel's Alexa, Quantcast, and Compete trends are any indicator, Info Barrel could very well become the next Squidoo, HubPages, or eHow. While you are here, it is important to see this potential, and take advantage of it by milking it to its max. Do it the RIGHT way, and you WILL earn.

7) It is Okay to Fail. Not all your articles will be killer earnings, however, with each new article you submit, you will realize an even greater idea of what the search engines wants, and you'll take these occurrences, learn from them, and apply those things to your next submitted articles. Don't forget that some of the most successful people in this world have failed. In fact, most attribute their successes to those very failures. They learned from them, avoiding the mistakes, and changed or adapted their approach. This WILL be the case with your articles, however, as you continue to submit articles, you will get into a groove of results. Learn from those successes and replicate them. Over and Over again.

8) Give Back to the Info Barrel Community. I have been a firm believer that the success of each individual, here on Info Barrel, is directly related to the success of the collective, and vice-versa. Isn't it every writer's own goal to maximize THEIR earnings? If you believe this to be true, than you know that the revenue generating potential of our Info Barrel articles.

If YOU have enjoyed this writing, and would like to see more, it would be an absolute honor to have you post a comment at the tail end of this Article! Thank you and I look forward to releasing more writing like this in the future!