As you may have figured out by now, the 51 tips articles are actually a collaborative effort between me and Howie (x3xsolxdierx3x). Here are some great tips for making more money online, with Info Barrel.

33) Celebrate successes: When you succeed you should enjoy it. When you are brand new, it may be as simple as writing that first article or getting that first click. It feels good, so you should take some time to enjoy it. When you take pride in your achievements you are more likely to continue to succeed, in my opinion. The sweet feeling of the first click for a new comer should be just as exciting as making a goal of $1,000 per month for a long time member.

34) Analyze failures: There's nothing wrong with failing. I have tons of articles I thought would make a killing, fall by the wayside. I don't let it bother me. Instead, I simply try to figure out what went wrong. I may not always be able to figure out exactly why my articles didn't do what was intended, but I can usually get a good idea. Perhaps I selected a topic with too much competition, or the flow of the article was off. This is especially important for newcomers. You can do this.

35) Ask for help: This is quite possibly the most underutilized method for learning. If you don't know how to do something, or what you may be doing wrong, ask for some help. There is a great new forum feature on Info Barrel with member willing to help you out. Although only a few weeks old, there are several of us that really like to peruse the posts and offer up some assistance whenever possible. Give it a shot, you'll be glad you did.

36) Stockpile ideas: Keep a pen and paper by your computer at all times. When you run across something you would like to write about, jot it down. You'll soon have dozens of ripe article ideas, just waiting to be written. At any point in time, I have about 25-30 keyword phrases already planned out. By doing this, I never really suffer through any form of writer's block. I do, however, still have some times that I cannot stay motivated, no matter how many article ideas I have waiting to be written.

37) Set productivity goals: While trying to remain focused on writing an article each day is a great goal, it may help you to look at other potential ways to set goals for motivation. Goals don't really have to be for a single day. Perhaps you can set your goals for the week, month, or even season, like winter. I personally intend to write tons of Info Barrel articles this winter, so I can spend more time enjoying my summer. I've been known to set personal goals for one sitting, each week, and each month.

When you set your goals, it may be wise to make them hard to achieve, but not unrealistic. For example, my goal for January is 100 articles. Since I generally only write articles 1,000 words or longer, that means I will need to write a minimum of 100,000 words. While that sounds a little intimidating, I can break it down to size. To write 100 articles this month, I will need to write almost 25 per week. Again, this is pretty beefy, but it really only boils down to about 3 per day. Some days I'll write 7, while other days I may not write any. It's all about meeting that final number, which will allow you to reach monetary goals.

38) Set monetary goals: I personally like to set goals associated with money. This doesn't mean you should avoid writing articles to help people that will not raise much for money (like this one). This is really more about remaining focused, so you can earn more money with Info Barrel.

Monetary goals can be kind of complicated. There are many natural ups and downs when writing for money online. Since you cannot always forecast what will be hot, it's generally best, at least in my opinion, to focus your goals on improvement. For example, I've made $400 the last couple of month on Info Barrel, not including Chitika, affiliate sales, or any other form of income beyond Adsense. My goal, since I want to improve, is to make $500 this month. In addition, since traffic is generally a little lower this time of year, I would like to put myself in position to make $1,000 for March or April, when most of my articles should get more attention.

39) Find a niche: You can find your own niche to write about on Info Barrel. Since the site is still in the infancy stages, you will generally not have that much competition for titles. This really gives you a chance to create profitable niches that will last for years to come. For many, including me, the niches don't have to be incredibly lucrative. I love writing about four wheeling, and it pays okay, but not nearly as much as many financial topics do. Still, I love four wheeling, and intend to continue to write about them. This way I always have something to fall back on when I cannot find motivation to write. You can find ways to monetize virtually any topics you have knowledge about with Info Barrel. It's what makes online writing so exciting.

40) Diversify: I know, I just told you about coming up with a niche. I really think this is a great idea, but you don't want to overdo it or limit yourself. When you write about different topics you will have a great chance of finding out what pays and what doesn't. If you have a niche that doesn't pay that well, it may be wise to find one that does pay well. This is why niches go hand in hand with diversification. As you write and research you will learn a great deal about other subjects, making you a more well rounded author. This will aslo give you a chance to spread your wings and dive into other subjects. You will soon find other areas that intrigue you, surprise you in terms of income, and help you target new readers.

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