41) Promote Info Barrel: Your success on Info Barrel is directly related to Info Barrel's success. Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to post in every single obscure forum you can about the joys and triumphs of Info Barrel. I am, however, suggesting you simply let others know what you are up to. This could include family members, friends, or any online forum. I believe in this platform. I only see great things ahead. If you agree, there's nothing wrong with telling a few others about the site. Those not comfortable with posting on forums can find other ways to promote Info Barrel, like simply telling friends or blogging. As the site grows and continues to gain even more favor with search engines, like Google, your articles will make you even more money each month. Every little bit helps the Info Barrel grow, along with your monthly revenue.

42) Replicate success from other sites: You cannot copy and paste any articles on other sites to Info Barrel. You can, however, rewrite them. This is not to say you should regurgitate the same article over and over again on all the sites you write for. You can, however, come up with a new twist, or provide new information that will help make your article unique. If you are taking the Info Barrel plunge, and have some topics performing well for you on other sites, give them a shot here. I think you will be really happy with the results. Keep in mind that some topics will do well here, but not on other sites, or vice versa. Generally speaking, you should be able to replicate successful articles on other sites here, on Info Barrel. Those that are worried about competing with their own articles (which I am not), can simply write the articles with a unique twist or somewhat different keywords.

43) Write 25 articles (minimum) before you make any judgments: This goes for virtually all online revenue sharing sites, including Info Barrel. I see forum post on other sites time after time, with someone writing about how you cannot make money with site "X". When you look at the person's profile, they have 3 articles written on subjects that don't pay well. Perhaps this tip could actually be labeled "find out for yourself" or even "be selective about who you listen to." If you visit virtually any online revenue sharing site's forum, you will see exactly what I'm talking about. While Info Barrel has avoided these comments with their industry leading Adsense share of up to 90%, there is no doubt that in time, those looking to get rich quick will fail. This is not get rich quick, but it is a great way to earn residual income for years to come.

44) Write a few trendy articles: I generally prefer "evergreen" articles, those that will make money for years to come, but you can do well with some trendy, hot topics, if you do it right. I would suggest writing a handful and seeing what happens. You can find ways to make trendy topics relevant, so the article does not get outdated too quickly, and you can continue to make money on the article long after the buzz has subsided. If you do it right, you can have articles that make a killing early on and then make a little each month for years to come. Ultimately, you are trying to gauge your effectiveness with these types of articles when you try writing them. Some people are able to make an absolute killing with them, while others don't have nearly as much luck. You will soon find out if this type of method works well for you. If it does, you could tap into a niche, something referenced earlier our tips articles.

45) Write longer articles: You don't need to write 5,000 word articles, but you may want to concentrate on those over 500 words. If you look at my article library you'll notice virtually all of my articles, except for those written early in my Info Barrel career, are about 1,000 words long. This is not coincidence. I do this because they place well in the search engine and make me more money. Of course, interjecting random mumbo jumbo isn't the key. When you write 1,000 words of actual substance, you will have many more long tail phrases that search engines will pick up. This will allow readers to find your articles, so you have the chance to make more money. In addition, longer articles are generally more informative, assuming you have substance. If you have many articles in the 500 word range, I would challenge you to write at least 25 in the 1,000 word range and see what happens overall. I think you will be happy with the results.

46) Narrow the 80/20 gap: Most online writers, including those on Info Barrel, suggest that 80% of their income comes from 20% of their articles. While you will always have articles that make a killing, perhaps $30 or more per month, you will also have plenty that don't make much, if anything at all. I consider myself quite well versed with SEO, as evidenced by many of my article's Google placement. This does not mean, however, that I don't have some duds. I have plenty of them. I have about 300 articles written. Of those, about 100 were written only for fun or helping the Info Barrel community (like these articles), and not written with money in mind. That leaves me with about 200 articles written for money. Of those, I have one that makes about $30 per month, one more over $20, several that make over $10 per month, and numerous articles performing in the $5 per month range. After that, I get to the $2 and $3 performers, which is still pretty respectable. I only have about 30 that making almost nothing. While I cannot give an exact ratio, from what I can tell, about 40% of my articles make up 80% of my income.

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