9) Use BOLD text in your article writing. Among many of my strategies in article writing is the frequent use of bold text in my articles. Where a giant clump of non-bold text appears, no matter how well written, it may cause readers to become turned of to reading your article. In my article writing experience, having all non-bold font throughout can actually be really quite 'intimidating' for a reader. This intimidation can easily translate into less time reading your article, and, of course, result in less earning potential (because people would rather exit your article in their browser screen, rather than read it in its entirety).

As a general rule, once I read over my entire article prior to submitting to Info Barrel, I try to ensure that at least one word, in each paragraph, is bold. This could actually be one word, or a series of words/phrase, that you feel should immediately stand out and convey a message to a reader. When doing this, I try to pick a word or phrase that simply grabs my own attention and motivates me to read more. Ideally, the word you choose to bold should be somewhere in the middle of your paragraph. It is important to realize that you want your article to be interesting and intriquing throughout, with a perfect blend of bold words, pictures, and a variety of other strategies that I detail in other Info Barrel articles of mine. You will find that adding bold words, intermixed among non-bold words, will serve to capture readers attention and keep them further engaged by your article.

10) Think diligently about your article title. As one of the first options you'll encounter prior to actually writing and publishing your article, you should really put some thought into what you will title your article. An interesting technique I have used is to utilize open ended questions, with a question mark, as my actual Info Barrel article title. Doing this also engages users, and if your topic is controversial or juicy enough, it could inspire quite an onslaught of responses in your comment section. Because readers can see this article title, in their related articles box, they will be more inclined to "click" on an article with a title that effectively moves and engages them to action. I speak more about this in detail, with several working examples, in the main eBook portion of Jason and my Info Barrel eBook Course.

11) Use the Info Barrel forum to your advantage. Having only been revealed a week or two ago, the Info Barrel forum is still in its infancy. This very forum provides contributors with an awesome opportunity to, not only engage with other users, but to also frequently 'give back' to the Info Barrel community. When people post questions, you will be looked upon highly if you go out of your way to provide a helpful link and/or answer to their question. When this is done frequently, your contributions and articles and avatar will become firmly embedded in their mind. Because Info Barrel is relatively new on the article submission scene, there is no better time than now to begin contributing to this forum.

12) Take advantage of Info Barrel's "Signature" functionality. Unfortunately, few writers seem to take advantage of Info Barrel's 'Signature" functionality. This is yet another opportunity you have to leave a good impression on readers, whether they found your article organically through the search engines or they are fellow members already. Admittedly, this is something I have yet to take advantage of entirely myself, as well. Not only can you speak highly of yourself and/or the Info Barrel community, but, you can also use this space to slide in your referral link to Info Barrel creatively.

13) Diversify your article writing format. One great benefit of Info Barrel is that it inherently allows writers to write in a variety of formats. This is a deficiency in many other website's functionality, and, this capability is really beginning to gain Info Barrel great interest and a huge following of dedicated users. Amongst the article formats that you can write in are: Blank, Review, How-To, and Video. There will come a time where you may simply feel 'worn out' or exhausted from writing exclusively in one article format. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. When I get tired of writing in, say a "Blank" format, sometimes shifting over to a "How-To" format can really be a bit easier and get my creative juices flowing.

14) Maintain Consistency in Your Profile Picture/Avatar. While some would recommend using an avatar that is essentially a picture of yourself, many people choose to disregard this notion. I have seen avatars of all sorts and fashions, but, no matter what you choose, it is important that you maintain consistency of your profile picture/avatar for a variety of reasons. This avatar can actually serve to be a bit of a "brand" for you. Whenever fellow Info Barrel members see and article or forum post by you, they may automatically be inspired to listen/read, simply because they recognize your picture or your brand. Whether you choose to use a picture of yourself, a giant cartoon sun, or a giant white "?" embedded on a black background (cough...jcmayer777....cough) it is important not to frequently change this picture.

Does Nike or McDonald's frequently change its brand or logo? You shouldn't either.

15) Proofread your articles prior to submission. While there is always a huge temptation to 'submit' an article immediately after you finish your last sentence, you should really consider going back and proof-reading it at least once or twice. On many occasions, I had been overly exhausted from writing a 1,000+ word article that I immediately went to submit it. Upon second glance, I realized the numerous grammar and spelling errors I had overlooked. On the brite side, you can EDIT your article whenever you like, however, that doesn't detract from the damage to you, and your writing reputation, that may have been tarnished in the minds of a reader or fellow Info Barrel community member.

16) Take a break from the computer screen. Prolonged exposure to anything is never really any good. Whether it be fast food, or your computer monitor, you should give yourself a break from time to time. There have been times where, I admit, I have pushed my own limits with hours of staring at the computer screen. I recommend that, when you finish writing your article, that you go grab a cup of coffee, or, at the very list, instill some eye drops or natural tears into your eyes. This is what I do and it works great. As a nurse by trade, I couldn't help but slip this pointer in here. lol.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....