Save $1378.00 Dollars!

Finding ways to save money can be hard with all the pressures of life.  It doesn’t take much for a dollar here and a few dollars there to slip through your fingers.  Not helping is the constant barrage of ads that are in our face every single day showing us things we didn’t realize we needed!

Have you ever been walking through a kitchen gadget store for example and saw all the things you suddenly feel “you must have” for your kitchen?  It is all the power of suggestion and it is very hard to resist. 

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Easy Ways to Save

TV ads are no better.  Commercials are famous for sparking that urge to go the kitchen as soon as that food ad comes on, or the product ads that are very good at getting you to part with your money.

Well if you found yourself scrambling this last Christmas for cash, then why not try this easy way to save cash right now.

It is based on a 52 week year, so depending on what part of the year you are starting you can still put away a lot of cash for next Christmas.

If you start from week one in January this system will have your piggy bank up by 1378.00 dollars by next Christmas!

There are so many books and budgets and ideas on how to save money but this system has got to be one of the easiest.  If you are feeling more flush right now, you could do this system backwards. 

52 Ways to Save Money Starts with One Dollar!

Take a chart, or create your own and put it on the refrigerator with a magnet. 

Write out the weeks and you start by saving “one dollar” the first week.


Week 1 = $1.00 Week 2 =$2.00 Week 3 = $3.00 and on until you get to Week 52 = $52.00

You basically match the amount of cash to the number of week it is.  Obviously in the beginning it should not be too hard, but it does get higher as the weeks go on.

But the program is fun, and you will find yourself looking for ways to save on items so you can make your deposit into your piggy bank. 

It would also be best to use a large piggy bank that you cannot get into without destruction!  My brother always saved up money every year for summer holidays this way.  He would buy these large cans that were money banks, but you had to use a can opener to get the money out, I thought that was a brilliant idea.  He would simply throw his change in there. 

But if you are looking for a good chunk of cash for next Christmas, or maybe next summer holidays, then you can do this anytime.  Your 52 weeks do not need to start right at January 1st, you can start this anytime, just make your chart and have it all planned out.

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Save $1378.00 Dollars in 52 Weeks!

We work much better with visuals, so by having a chart that you have to check off each week, and then know how much you need to come up with the next week really helps to keep you on track.

Create your chart and then make the deposit every Friday for example and then check it off.  So all during the week you will realize that you need to put money in your bank, so hopefully it will give you the kick you need to start this savings program so that you will have the money that tends to slip through our fingers just when we need it most!

No cheating!  Find a piggy bank or tin or large bottle to save it in that is quite difficult to get back in to.

If you have been trying to save larger amounts, maybe that is your mistake.  It can be hard to save large amounts without a significant lifestyle change, and if there is no fun budgeted into that lifestyle then it will not last.

It is like dieting, you have to find the program that works best for your lifestyle.  Yes you should trim some fat from your budget or be more conscious of what you buy at the grocery store, and bank fees and all the things that tend to erode our dollar, but once you find the right way that works for you then you are set!  This program may be worth a try for you.

It could be for a vacation, Christmas, birthdays, or simply to help with bills.

This system will put away 1378.00 dollars after 52 weeks.  Could you use that money?

If you find it difficult to keep money in your pocket or find it just slips away, then try this system, you could call it your 52 ways to save money program.