365 Day Squidoo Challenge

Join me on a 365 day challenge to complete 365 or more lenses to create, not only a passive income, but to repay my student loan.

Why Squidoo?

Like Infobarrel, Squidoo has a revenue sharing model that allows individuals to make money at home and online. Initially I was intimidated and confused by Squidoo. I'm still a little confused about the payment tier schedule, like where to find it, but I'm learning and realizing it's not so bad after all.

Why Did I Start This Challenge?

The main reason: student loan debt and lots of it. I'm trying to find ways to repay my loan, while working a full time job and caring for family responsibilities. I don’t have time for a second job, so I've been researching ways to make money at home.

I recently purchased an eBook course to help individuals create Amazon Squidoo lenses. After reading over the materials, I realized what I had been doing wrong and why I wasn’t making any money.

I still haven’t made any money, but I just read the eBook at the end of last year. Since I'm fairly new to Squidoo, I wanted to document my progress along the way. Posting my goals here on Infobarrel will allow me to become more accountable and track my results at year end. 

What Will the Challenge Consist Of?

My goal is to create at least 365 lenses by December 31st. Some days I'll be able to crank out multiple lens while others none. What matters most is at year end, I've completed my goal.

I plan to check in here with my weekly stats to show how many lenses I've created, how much money I've made and any tips or tricks to help others improve their lenses.

Most of my lenses will focus on Amazon products. Why?

1. They're easier to complete. I don’t have to do extensive research or writing.

2. They're fun. I enjoy shopping so it's like I'm "pretend" shopping when I'm looking for lens ideas.

3. It's the topic of the eBook course that I read so that's all I know for now LOL.

4. I'm hoping they will increase my overall earnings.

In the future, I want to branch out some and include other "money" modules such as eBay or Zazzle. But I haven’t had a chance to really research the best way to create lenses around them. For now, I'm going to stick with the little bit that I know and see how that works out.

Who can join the challenge?

Everyone! Since I haven’t created any groups online, anyone is free to join. Create your own challenge, with your own personal goal. Maybe you don’t want to wait the whole year. Try a 30 or 60 day challenge. Whatever you decide, write out your goals and make definite steps to achieve them.

Feel free to stop by my articles and let me know what's going on with your personal challenge.