Lean Manufacturing 5S

5S is one of a number of tools within Lean Manufacturing, developed within Total productive maintenance (TPM) as part of the Toyota Production System (TPS). It is a highly effective and simple method for workplace organisation. By implementing 5S you can improve your efficiencies by between 10% and 30% as well as creating a workspace that is better suited for your employees as well as safer and more pleasing to the eye.

5S Sieso or Shine and Check

5S Lean Manufacturing

5S Seiso Shine and Check

The purpose of this third step of 5S, 5S Seiso, is to methodically clean down all machines and equipment within the workplace. Repairing and repainting as required to bring things back to looking as new as possible.

The reason behind this is not just one of beautification, although you will now have a workplace that you can be proud to bring customers or potential customers to view without having to stop work for a day to have a tidy up as so many companies do!

The real reasons are that if everything is clean and tidy then anything out of the ordinary will be seen rather than hidden within layers of dirt and grime that has accumulated for many months. A simple oil leak will now be visible where before it may have just been soaked up by the granules left under the machine from the previous leak!

Being able to see things like oil leaks lets you take action before these minor problems turn into major ones that cause severe breakdowns that could delay your production by days or weeks. Far better to invest a few minutes and a few dollars to cure the leak than spend weeks repairing a far worse situation caused by the lack of lubrication in the machine.

5S Seiso Cleaning

It is not enough to just conduct 5S Seiso as part of your initial 5S launch, it must be maintained. Good practice would be to create a cleaning schedule detailing responsibilities, dates, what to clean  and how. This should be kept to to ensure that the level of cleanliness is maintained.

5S Video

5S Implementation

5S Seiso is often as far as many companies go with 5S, they fail to progress to the next 2 stages. Because of this the gains that they make begin to slide and things slip back to where they were before the implementation of 5S making everyone believe that 5S lean Manufacturing is ineffective.

It is important to progress beyond this point to the next two stages, Seiketsu and Shitsuke.