We all love to hear as a kid there is a snow day. As we all know taking the day off for snow can be so much fun. Finding ways to create fun during the snow day cant be that hard to do. As parents the dreaded words snow day can send chills up our spine. Snow days should not be feared by parents. Bellow is 5 amazing and fun activities to do with your kids.

Board Games

Board games tend to get dusty and not used now days. Pull the games out of your closet and put them to use. We as adults know the fun that can take place from hours of playing Trouble and Sorry. Clean a table and have some fun. Take turns on who will be the banker or first to roll. Teamwork will be key. Make sure all the children have a chance to win so no one feels left out.

Make a Snow Fort.

Sending the kids outside can get you the few minutes of quiet that you need. Snow days are huge for making snow forts. All you need for a decent for is snow and an attitude that you will succeed. There can be a contest on the biggest to the most creative. Using the wet snow is best because it tends to hold the snow compacted longer. Create a bunch of snowmen to guard the fort.

Popcorn PJ Movie Day.

Waking the kids up later then usual can helps give you the extra get to that is needed to get though the day. When waking the kids up make some popcorn and tell them there is no school and all there is to do is watch movies in your pajamas. Find some movies that pertain to a snow day. Also some educational movies are a plus because they are missing school does not mean they cannot learn.

Shoveling snow for money

As parents we all know the dreaded I have nothing to do whine. Before the kids can utter the words offer to bring them out to make some money shoveling snow. As we all know we have people that cant shovel. Helping out by bring our children can help to show that there are other things then video games to do. Knock on the door first to see if any one is home. If and when the door is answered let your child offer to shovel out there driveway. Most adults will offer to pay. Accept the money and after all is done show how you can save and spend the money.

The Indoor scavenger hunt tips.

The indoor scavenger hunt can lead to many hours of fun and excitement. Place 10 or more items around your house that can be found easily by your children. You can then either create a map or have a time limit to find all of the items hidden. Make sure that if you have younger children that they have a chance to find a few of the hidden items. After they have found the hidden items, ask them to sit down and tell you who, what where and why they found them. Asking them to draw the items can also help to past time.

As we have read there are endless amount of activities to do when the dreaded " SNOW DAY" is called. Spending the quality times with our kids will create the lasting memories that we long to give to our children.