Pregnancy can be a difficult and uncomfortable time for a woman.  Nausea, vomiting, cravings, weight gain, swollen feet, back pain and many other side effects during pregnancy can make a woman miserable during those 9 months.  Giving a pregnant woman a gift to help her feel more comfortable, more beautiful or more at ease will earn you a number one spot in her heart.

Here are 5 affordable and practical gift ideas for the pregnant woman in your life. 

1.     Buy her the gift of a massage or if you pride yourself in being a masseuse then give her a coupon for a free massage.  Carrying an extra 30-40 pounds can be a strain on the pregnant woman’s body.  A massage will loosen her muscles and give her a few moments of bliss.

2.     Take her to get a pedicure.  Once that belly begins to grow, it is very difficult for the pregnant woman to bend over and take care of her feet.  Getting a pedicure will make her feel at ease knowing that her feet are nice and beautiful when she is not feeling so nice and beautiful.

3.     Buy her a little black dress that will cover her belly beautifully while still letting her feel sensual and appealing.   A stunning dress can boost a woman’s self esteem at anytime and during pregnancy, a woman’s self esteem can drop a few points so this should help bring those points back up.

4.     We know that dogs are a man’s best friend but shoes are a woman’s best friend.   Buy her those fashionable yet comfortable flats that will make her feel like a million dollars.  Her swollen feet and the extra weight she is carrying will prevent her from wearing her favorite heels so buying her new flats will keep her on her feet- literally!

5.     Buy her tickets to a comedy show or take her to a comedy show.  Laughing can heal anything.  A comedy show will keep her in good spirits so she can continue to deal with the remaining months of discomfort. 

Very few women will tell you that they enjoy pregnancy so help make their pregnancy as enjoyable as possible by getting her a simple gift.  In return, you will receive the gift of meeting a gorgeous and happy baby.