netflix dvd


Many people are upset right now because Netflix raised their subscription price, so I investigated some alternatives to both Netflix's streaming service and their DVD service for watching movies and TV shows. You might be wondering how to save money every month, and are looking for a cheaper alternative to Netflix as a way to decrease your bills. 

5 Alternatives to Netflix

  1. Amazon Instant Video- I love Amazon Instant Video as an alternative to Netflix because they have so  many movies available to stream, just like you would stream from Netflix. I like it because it is more convenient than Netflix since you can watch any movie instantaneously, instead of having to wait two days for the DVD to be mailed. And you don't have to leave the house. If you have Amazon Prime, there are hundreds of movies and TV shows you can stream for free. The disadvantage of Amazon Instant Video is that it will be more expensive if you watch a lot of movies every month. 
  2. Redbox- Renting movies at Redbox is cheap, only $1 per night per movie. However, Redbox isn't as convenient as some of the streaming services because you do have to go to the Redbox location and pick up the movie, and also drop it back off. They have tons of Redbox's in grocery stores and outside gas stations so if you live close to one, maybe it isn't too inconvenient. Redbox only has a limited number of new release titles available in their boxes. 
  3. OnDemand Rental From Your Cable or Satellite TV Service- Renting movies off your TV OnDemand is very convenient but more expensive than other options. The advantages are you don't have to leave your couch, and it takes only a couple clicks of the remote to rent your movie. The disadvantage is most of the time renting movies OnDemand costs a couple dollars more than Redbox or Amazon Instant Video. 
  4. Blockbuster by Mail- Blockbuster has a movie rental service like Netflix's, with the additional feature of being able to swap DVDs at their Blockbuster store locations. Blockbuster also claims to have new releases available sooner than Redbox or Netflix. Blockbuster by Mail is more expensive than Netflix's movie rental service. 
  5. Hulu- Hulu is a great place to watch some TV episodes for free. Just like Amazon Instant Video and Netflix, you can stream Hulu to many devices. Hulu also has a paid service, Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus is less expensive than Netflix, but only offers access to TV shows.  

Is Netflix still the best option for renting and streaming movies? I'm not sure what the answer to that question is, but at least there are some other convenient and cheap alternatives.