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The popularity of web 2.0 and social bookmarking has lead to web designers creating some awesome yet practical social icon sets.Many top websites and blogs have gone for a Hand-Drawn effect when it comes to the icons and badges used not only for social bookmarking but also for menu bars and other navigational options.

In this article we will look at five sets of Hand Drawn social bookmarking icons you can use on your blog or website and they are all absolutely free.These icons will look great on your site and social bookmarking is currently the hot promotional tool for blogs on Wordpress, Blogger and other blogging platforms.To get people sharing your posts around the Internet you need a social bookmarking set that stands out and asks to be clicked, look no further.

Five Free Hand Drawn Icon Sets

Color Stroked Icon Set

The color stroked Icon set by Mfayaz includes over 20 color hand drawn Icons like Delicious, Digg, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Technorati ,Twitter and WindowsLive. Moreover, universally and OS based icons such Tux, Windows, Terminal, Firefox, OppenOffice, Gimp, Facebook, Gmail etc...

Color Stroked Icon Set

Download Color Stroked Icon Set

Extreme Grunge Garments Icon Set

The Extreme Grunge Icon set by Nikola Lazarevic include 20 Unique icons for Twitter, Digg, Friendfeed, Technorati, Facebook, Myspace, Wordpress and more.They are sized at 256×256px.

Extreme Grunge Icons

Download Extreme Grunge Social Icons

Doodle Hand Drawn icon Set

The Doodle Icon set by Chris Spooner look like just that, hand drawn Doodles.This set has 14 icons and they are presented in a 'Drawn By Pen' style.Included are icons for Delicious, Design Float, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter, RSS, Home, Comments, Contact and Wordpress.

Doodle Icon Set

Download Doodle Social Icons

Hand Drawn Pro Social Icons

The Hand Drawn Social icons set ccontains 25 icons for the top social networks.Included in the set are icons for Blip.Fm, LastFM, Delicious, Firefox, Digg, Flickr, Meneame, Facebook, Flicker, Friend Feed, Wordpress, Blogger, Linkedin, Myspace, Reddit, Hi5, Rss Feed, Google, Stumble Upon, Gmail, Live Journal, Technorati, Netvibes, Picasa, Skype, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube,.

Download Hand Social Icons

Handycons Hand Painted Social Iocn Set

This is a stylish set of hand painted social icons.Included are 32 icons for the main social networks along with mail and Rss icons.The set has 32 icons in 5 sizes for the top social and internet service sites including Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Rss Feed, Stumble Upon, Technorati, Twitter, Dzone, Mail, Design Foat, Mixx, Design Bump, Facebook, Blinklist, Feedburner, Flickr, FriendFeed, ...

Download Handycons Hand Drawn Social Icons

That's five of the greatest hand drawn social bookmarking icon sets available and i hope you love em.As i said all the sets are totally free, I'm sure the creators would like a link back from your blog or website but it is not required.You can easily set up these icons on your blog or website and below are some instructions to get you started.Make sure to check out 101 Best Free Social Icon Packs here on Info Barrel.

Using the Social Icons

All the links above lead to the download page.Once downloaded the files will be in a zip file, first you must extract them from the zipped file.If your unsure how to extract zipped files it will vary for every browser so do a Google search for 'How to extract files on FireFox or Internet Explorer etc..It is very easy and you will have no problem finding step by step instructions.

Once Un-Zipped you can then upload the files onto your server or onto a free image hosting website like Photobucket or Flicker which are also free (For Photobucket use the Bulk Uploader).

I will bring you some more awesome icons and other tools in future articles and you can subscribe in the sidebar on the right to keep updated.Of course be carefull with them, because having your blog become popular on StumbleUpon might no be as great as you think !

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Have you a favorite set from the 5 ?