Do you need to find a way to let your partner know that you are thinking of them?  Do you want to just send them a note but can’t find the words?  You want to do something romantic,  but are romantically challenged?  If you are reading this, you have access to a computer, so you can find love quotes and love poems on lots of sites to use.  We can take it a step further though, and use our phones and text messaging to help us.  Below are five Android apps to help the romantically chanllenged that I have looked at to see if they will fit for me.  They are all free, and you can use them they way you like to let your partner know you care.

Love and Romance Quotes - XStudio Technologies

This is the first one I used, and I like it.  Read the quotes closely, because not all are proper for use in a good ongoing relationship.  There is a star feature where you can mark your favorites.  I use this a little different.  I mark it with a star when I have used it, or when I have read it and decided I don’t want to use it.  I am not sure how many quotes it has, but I have used for a few months, sending a quote every couple of days to my wife, and haven’t run out yet.

Love Messages – Explore In Android

This is one you can check out.  It has poems and love sayings.  It also has a love calculator.  For the calculator, input your names and birthdays, and it tells you the percentage you are compatible and a little information based on astrology about your relationship.  The love messages are good, but there is no way to mark them, and when you close the program and then open it back up, you return to the start of the messages. 

Love Quotes “sad and sweet love”  - AppLabOK

This one was not one of my favorites.  I read some of the comments before checking it out, and didn’t think it was as bad as some of them said.  But, like the first one I talked about above, there are a lot of quotes that just won’t work if you are in a good ongoing relationship.  Things like loving you from afar, and Hemmingway’s quote, “Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”  I don’t think I am sending that one to my wife!!  Again, it has a feature to mark your favorites.  You can then sort and show only your favorites.  But when just scrolling through the full list, you can’t tell if you’ve marked it favorite or not, so you can’t use it to mark them off like I suggested in the top review.  A lot of the quotes were the same ones that were in the first app, so this one I didn’t bother keeping on my phone.

Love Poems – Swiss Code Monkeys

This one is kind of cool.  First, it added a short cut to my home screen, which was not cool, so I deleted that.  The app itself is not just a list of quotes and poems.  It is interactive with the other users of the app.  Everybody can input their own poem, and then all using the app can view the poems.  Everybody can then rate the poems, using one to five hearts.  You view the poems by category.  There is “Daily Top”, “All-Time Top”, “Recent”, and “My Favorites”.  There is a lot of bad poems, and a lot that won’t fit what you are looking for, but when you do find something, it will be original.  If you find several, you can mark them as a favorite, then come back to it later and use it.

Romantic Lovely Poems – Lovepoint

This app has some programming problems, and some navigation problems, but is good if you want to work around that.  Sometimes when I returned to the preview screen, the ad would push the screen down, so I could not view it properly.  I exited and came back in and everything was back to normal.  There are over 300 poems here.  There is a button that says latest, but it takes you to number 300.  However, there are more with higher numbers that you can scroll to.    There is a feature that will take you to a poem at random.  But if you want to work your way through the poems, it is hard to get back to the beginning, or to get to a certain number poem.  There is also a feature to mark favorites, and to view the favorites.  When you exit and then re-enter, you resume where you left off at. 

I use this program with email, since I can send email from my phone.  The poems are usually too long for a single text.  Just start with the first, and work your way through them.  If you have certain poems you think you might want to use, but won’t work at the moment, just mark it as a favorite and you can come back to it later.


For those of us who are romantically challenged, these, and other, apps for the romantically challenged can help us to stay connected with our loved ones.   Just find the ones that work best for you.  Check at the Android Marketplace for these and other apps.  Just search on "Romance".  Of the above programs, I like and use Love and Romance Quotes, Love Messages, and Love Poems.  The Love Calculator in Love Quotes was cool, but you can find those lots of places.  Use these apps for the romantically challenged, or check on others and find your own.  

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