Constipation Remedies for Kids

It is common for young children to experience constipation from time to time. Some children may experience it more often than others. Diet plays a large role in the frequency of constipation.  For infants, it could be the formula they are drinking or the introduction of solid foods too soon. If you think this is the case, it would be a good idea to consult your doctor about what to do. You may need to switch formulas or stop feeding your infant solids for now. Older children may experience constipation because of a lack of water and fiber in their diet.

Whatever the case may be, no parent likes to see their child experience such discomfort. With the many products on the market that may or may not work, there are remedies parents can try first at home. What are some home remedies for constipation in kids? Parents may want to try:


Lemon has been known to help with indigestion and constipation. You can easily find this fruit in almost any supermarket. To prepare it to assistance with relief from constipation, you can simply add a few drops or squeezes of the juice to a cup of warm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (also known as AVC) is very good at helping the body get rid of waste. It can act as a natural cleanser for the body. You can simply add one tablespoon to water or juice. Because of the unique taste, children would probably prefer it in juice or water with honey. ACV can be taken daily with each meal to help relieve constipation.

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Fruits are great for getting the bowels to move. They not only taste good, but they are also much healthier than a lot of the products on the market. Some fruits that are good for constipation are apples, prunes, cantaloupe, berries, and honeydew.


Water is well-known for helping with constipation. Your child should be getting adequate amounts of water with their diet to help the body get rid of waste. Drinking soda and other drinks with caffeine can increase your child’s risk of getting constipated.


It may sound strange, but encouragement is a good way to relieve your child’s constipation. Sometimes when children have difficulty going to the restroom it’s because of the fear of hurting. Having a parent lovingly encourage them and motivate them can boost them up and give them that confidence they need to use the restroom.