With big items topping the Christmas lists of kids today, it can be hard to find smaller items that will please them just as much. However, a gift doesn’t always have to be large or expensive to impress them– some of the greatest gifts are the perfect size to fit in a stocking. Here are five ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers that kids, tweens, and teens of all ages will love.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect stocking stuffer because they can be purchased in almost any denomination and are easy to fit into a stocking. Gift cards to various stores and restaurants allow kids to pick out exactly what they want. For more music conscious teens, you can’t go wrong with an iTunes gift card. For teens who drive, a gift card for a gas station to help them fill up their cars can be a great idea, especially in light of rising gas prices.

iPod Accessories

Almost all kids, tweens, and teens today own iPods or other types of mp3 players, and outfitting them with the latest accessories can be a great way to stuff their stockings. Earphones in all shapes and colors are always a great idea, as are a set of mini speakers they can take anywhere. A new case or skin is also a good size to fit in a stocking and is a great and inexpensive way for them to update the look of their player.


There are very few kids who would turn down candy, and filling their stockings with their favorite kinds is one of the cheapest ways to make them smile. Consider shopping at specialty candy stores to make the gift even more special, where you can choose unique candies they may not get to have all the time or candies that come in special Christmas themed packaging.


Keychains can be purchased in almost any shape and it is easy to tailor a keychain to each child’s individual personality. Stuff their stocking with a keychain version of their favorite game, cartoon character or anything else. Online, you can find keychains themed to their favorite locales, like Disney World, Paris, and New York City, as well as many other varieties.


Jewelry is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer and can be wrapped up in boxes that keep kids guessing until they open them. Younger girls might enjoy dress-up costume jewelry, while older girls might prefer a pair of earrings or a necklace they’ve had their eye on. For boys, a watch is always a great stocking stuffer idea, in their favorite color or themed to their favorite cartoon for younger boys and nicer, more function-based watches for older ones.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create the perfect stocking for your son or daughter to open on Christmas morning. Even the smallest gift items can pack a punch, as long as they are selected with the tastes of the child you are shopping for in mind. These Christmas stocking stuffer ideas are sure to put smiles on the faces of kids, tweens, and teens everywhere.