Clocks, mirrors, lighting implements and writing boards are utilitarian items we need in our lives, but that doesn't mean they have to look plain and boring. There are many fun and creative designs that act as decorative touches while being functional. Here are five fun wall decorations that are equal in style and function:

1. Wall Lights by Isabel
These unique wall lights from Sweden feature chic yet homey designs perfect wall lightsfor balancing the traditional and the modern look. Most of the scones are made of Plexiglas, metal or birch wood, making the lights safe for homes with children as these are shatter-resistant. The lights can be hung on windows and walls, suspended like a regular lamp, or as stand-alone for corner tables and desks. The illumination is produced using LEDs with a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours, making the lights both environmentally friendly and very cost-effective.

2. Animal-Shaped Kitchen Chalkboard
A chalkboard in the kitchen can double as a message board, a place to display menus and shopping lists, and as stylish kitchen wall decor. The cute animal-shaped chalkboard decals from Wallcandy Arts are perfect for animal lovers or for anyone who doesn't want a plain rectangular slate on the wall. Make sure, though, that you place the chalkboard away from the food preparation area so you don't end up with chalk dust all over the food.

3. Frame Stickers
Frame stickers are a great way to add a little something extra to a room - they areFrames by Inga Sempe easy to put up and do not require us to drive holes in the wall. With frame stickers, you can create your own museum of photos in any direction or design of your choice. The vinyl wall decal frames by French designer Inga Sempé feature an art technique called trompe l'œil, an optical illusion making flat objects appear to be in 3D. These self-adhesive, all-white frames also give the feel of real frames. The decals can be easily removed but cannot be reapplied.

4. TaskWatch Whiteboard
This writing board from Art.Lebedev Studio, the same people who brought us the Optimus Maximus keyboard, is a traditional whiteboard with an analog clock in the center. Using standard regular whiteboard markers, you can write down ideas and easily keep track of your deadlines or any deliveries since the hands of the clock will be pointing directly at them. You can also write notes to your family, a great way to remind them to finish their homework or what time those cookies will be ready.

5. Wall Mirror Stickers wall mirror sticker
With a wide and great selection of elegant wall stickers in numerous designs, these stickers from Acte Deco are fun, reflective wall decorations for personalizing the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Not only do these amazing wall stickers have a mirror effect, they are also available in several surprising shapes (like a tree, flowers, a choo choo train, animals, etc.). The stickers are very easy to place on any wall, door or cupboard. They are also easy to remove and will not leave any residues, making it perfect for rented apartments and dorm rooms.