By and by, the younger generation is coming to realise that military-inspired merchandise and stores are a cool part of America that won’t bow down any time soon. Here, I give you the top five most successful military-inspired companies and brands that have won the hearts of people around the country.

Ranger Up Military Apparel

Ranger Up launched in 2006 and its popularity has been growing year after year ever since. The company’s unique lines of military gear, and its shirts in particular, appeal to both young and old generations alike. The company stands for America, dogs, hot chicks, veterans, patriots and the “crazy SOBs that put their lives on the line every day for less pay than they deserve so that we Americans can sit in front of our plasma televisions and watch crappy reality TV shows". Quintessentially American, and that says it all.

Survival Straps

This company brings quite a thought-provoking product to the market. Buying Survival Straps is - for people across the United States – a meaningful way of raising awareness and funds for the troops that risk their lives representing and supporting the country overseas. The company partnered up with Wounded Warrior Project to demonstrate its commitment to the cause of the American military. However, in their own right, Survival Straps offer valuable and popular multifunctional products - high quality paracord straps for fashion, for the great outdoors or for rescue and emergency.

'To the Fallen' Records

A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom founded To the Fallen Records in 2006, bringing together extremely talented army musicians and giving them a unique platform on which their voices and music could be heard. The soldier-songwriters have won the hearts of thousands of patriotic music fans – expressing all of their sentiments and pent up emotion through a medium like no other. The company now has a clothes line, as well as music, and claims to be ‘the world’s only military record label’, with a following that grows year after year.

US Military Boots

In recent times, military boots have gained an enormous following. US Military Boots offers free shipping on its website, and demand has increased massively since the company started. Army and airforce boots are its most popular lines, and the boots have come to be worn by many customers who have no practical connection to military goings-on, but want to feel connected to the fighting spirit of the America military and its troops. Increasingly they are as much of a fashion statement as a statement of solidarity.

Help for Heroes Products

Initially just another charity, Help for Heroes eventually picked up momentum and soon became an established brand of its own. Although the majority of its products aren’t necessarily very ‘military’ in theme, teddy bears in camouflage are a huge hit among younger folk, and the website boasts an impressive array of books about the intensity of the battlefield and the experiences of courageous troops at bases around the world. It recently launched a line entitled ‘Homecoming Ideas’ for the families and friends of all those troops just returning home.

Although clothing lines and apparel are the predominant products of these military-inspired enterprises, there is a plethora of different films, books, video games, songs and writing devoted to the same theme. This is one trend that isn’t going away any time soon.