These 4 painters all produced amazing artwork; yet are relatively unknown among the general public. Take  a look at some of their artwork and let me know in the comments what you think of their work.

Herman Saftleven

Erbach im RheingauCredit: Herman Saftleven

Herman Saftleven was a Dutch painter born in 1609. He is most famous for the painting Erbach im Rheingau. Herman Saftleven was the son of a painter and one of his daughters also became a painter. Herman Saftleven passed away in 1685. In the 1670’s a storm destroyed most of the town that he lived in. The town of Utrecht was devastated. Herman Saftleven sold a lot of paintings to the City that he had done that documented what the village of Urecht looked like before the storm that destroyed it. Herman Saftleven became President of the Urecht chapter of the Guild of St. Luke. The Guild of St. Luke was an organization for painters throughout Europe. Herman Saftleven never became a very famous painter, but he does still have a niche fan base.

Emily Shanks

Russian Hospital The Ear InspectionCredit:

Emily Shanks was a British woman, yet she lived much of her life in Russia. She was born in 1857 and died in 1936. She has created numerous masterpieces but my favorite is the Hospital scene titles the Ear Inspection. Emily Shanks was able to Document life in Russia in way that allows us to look back at amazement. Yes photography existed for most of her life, but unlike the black and white photography Emily Shanks tended to paint in bright vivid colors. It is really cool to look back on this era in Russian history and be able to see it in color.

John Trumbull

John TrumbullCredit:

You probably have never heard of John Trumbull, but you definitely have seen his artwork before. John Trumbull was born in 1756 and lived until 1843. He made numerous paintings of the Revolutionary War. If you look at the back of an American 2 Dollar bill you will see a replica of one of his paintings and maybe his most famous” The Declaration of Independence” which he painted in 1817. John Trumbull has painted George Washington and numerous other famous people. John Trumbull was a true American Patriot who showed his Patriotism by painting pictures to help us in today’s World to be able to know in detail what Revolutionary leaders of the American Revolutionary War looked like. 

William Twigg-Smith

William Twigg-Smith

William Twigg-Smith was born in New Zealand but lived most of his life in Hawaii. William Twigg-Smith spent the vast majority of his life painting various scenes from around Hawaii. William Twigg-Smith also became a solder in the Army when World War I broke out. William Twigg-Smith was able to paint and capture numerous idealist scenes of Hawaiian Life. Unlike many other painters, he did not limit himself to one genre. William Twigg-Smith constantly painted on a wide variety of subjects. William Twigg-Smith was born in 1883 and died in 1950. On an interesting twist William Twigg-Smiths wife was the daughter of the man who led the revolution to overthrow the Kingdom of Hawaii.