sidewalk adCredit: Kenneth Cole

So, if you're anything like me, all you're probably thinking about right now is how to find a nice breeze on a remote island, an amazing snack, a good book, unplug from your devices, disconnect from social media and fully enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs have to put in the work before they begin to reap the rewards and that can often take time. But that doesn't mean that while you're plugging away growing your business that you can't add some major FUN to it!

Rent a Human Billboard: You know that nothing gets around more than a guy walking up and down a crowded hotspot for the world to see. Imagine your brand, business or book being advertised at the peak of summer beach season. This is an attention grabbing idea if I've ever heard of one.

Create a Hand Stamp: Imagine someone going to a ticketed event and getting their hand stamped for readmission and looking down at a mini-ad for your business. You can toy with glow in the dark ink depending on the venue or stick with whatever your theme color is. Sure, at the end of the evening the ink washes off, but for the better part of the evening they're wearing your ad.

Take Out a Traveling Ad: Think out of the box. Take out an ad on the side of a bus, on the train, and even some delivery vehicles will let your advertise on the side of their motorbikes or bicycles. Just imagine your ad traveling and whizzing all around town.

Think Do Not Disturb: If any of the above ideas are too steep for your budget, create door hangers instead of the standard type of ad or postcard that customers expect to see. These are easy to use, distribute and are probably something that people will actually use, providing at least one side does actually say DO NOT DISTURB.

Sidewalk Selling. Now this type of ad places your your logo or your wording directly on the sidewalk for the world to see. Of course like the hand stamp it will only last until the ink or chalk comes in contact with water, but the exposure of your ad to the foot traffic an average sidewalk gets could be truly amazing for your business and after all the goal is to draw attention.

Truth is businesses never get to take a day off. But as a savvy entrepreneur you should create ways that work for you even while you're sleeping or beaching and these ideas totally crush it!