Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone Camera

As an avid iPhone camera user, I've tried dozens of iPhone photo apps.  In this article, I share my favorite five. 

If you are also a fan of iPhone video applications, check out my favorite iPhone Video Apps as well. 


1. Magic Hour

This app is great for post-processing of your photos.  There are tons of filters available that will enhance your photos with one simple touch, along with more manual features like RBG adjustments, contrast, brightness, vignettes, textures, frames and even tilt-shifting controls.  I like to apply one of the many automated filters, and then do my own fine-tuning adjustments to get exactly the look I want.  I can then save those settings as a new filter of my own, so I can use it again in the future.  It is even possible to share my filter settings with others or search a free library of other users' filters.  Unfortunately, this is not a free app (it's $1.99 at the time of this article), but I think you'll find it to be worth the price.  Think of this app as a beefed up variety of the popular Instagram app.  The only limitation of this app that I've found is that it forces all photos to be saved in a square orientation.    

Magic Hour


2. Dynamic Light

Dynamic Light is another post-processing app for your photos.  This one specializes in adding HDR (high dynamic range) effects to your photos.  In a nutshell, HDR is a technique that adjusts exposure levels throughout the photo to make the image more vivid and exaggerated.  Some of the landscape photos I've processed through this app have blown me away.  Again, this is not a free app ($0.99), but I've found it to be worth a buck. 

Dynamic Light



3. Picture Show

If you are looking for a comprehensive photo-editing app for your iPhone, this is a great app to try.  It has a nice "random effect" button where one can apply a preset combination of settings.  Otherwise, it is possible to manually adjust cropping, exposure, noise, vignette, colors, frames, annotations, and much more.  Like most of these photo apps, there are several ways to save and share your results.  Picture Show will set you back $1.99.

Picture Show



4. MobileMonet

This is a fun app that "cartoonizes" your photos.  You start by choosing a photo.  Then the app processes it to find the main lines of the photo in black and white.  You can leave it like that, or you can add back color by swiping your finger across the image.  This app is a lot of fun to use and the results are always enjoyable and artistic.  This app is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.



5. Crasher Squirrel

We need at least one goofy app to round out my top five, and this is the one.  Crasher Squirrel will cost you $0.99, but you'll get a dollar's worth of fun out of it by adding squirrels to any of your photos.  The app is very easy to use.  I think you'll find that most photos are better when they have a squirrel involved. 

Crasher Squirrel


I hope you enjoy these iPhone photography apps as much as I have.  If you'd like to turn your attention to video, here are my five favorite iPhone video apps.  Finally, you might also enjoy my list of the 10 best business apps for iPhone