With NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) being one of the largest spectator sports in the United States and the sport with the most Fortune 500 companies involved, some may wonder how they can start their own team by becoming a team owner. This Hub will guide you in the process of taking 5 basic steps in accomplishing this goal. Who knows, with a lot of hard work, you may become the next major NASCAR Team Owner!


Step 1: Know Your Stuff

The first part of becoming an owner, as with any sport, you need to know your stuff. In order to gain respect both on and off the track, you need to know what you are doing. The most practical way to learn is to watch NASCAR races and programs on TV, and get a good idea of what happens at the track on race day. Also, for some extremely detailed information on anything NASCAR related, a great resource is Jayski.com. Staying updated with latest news on Nascar.com is also very important. Having a general understanding of NASCAR news and what is currently happening in the sport will pay off in the long run.

Step 2: Meet Teams

NASCAR, being privately owned by the France family, is a sport where connections are very important, and are pretty much necessary. To start off, try to find a friend that that is involved in Stock car racing at a local short track, or any of NASCAR's Top three national series (Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck Series) or one of NASCAR's touring series. These friends or "connections" to the community of NASCAR can prove to be very helpful. However, whether you know someone involved in NASCAR or not, you can contact various NASCAR teams either through their official website or through Jayski.com's team email list. This will allow you to start meeting different teams, and to find out what they are all about.

Step 3: Get Involved

Once you have contacted multiple teams via their official website or the team email list on Jayski, you should get some replys. Let them know that you mean business, and you would really like to get involved with the sport. Next, send them a resume, or a sort of list explaining the various skills that you could use to support the team and help it grow and/or become more competitive. Make sure to stay in touch with these teams, and they will possibly contact you, and want you to come to a race. Once at the track, make sure to meet as many people as you can, essentially "networking" with various crew members, drivers, crew chiefs, etc. This may lead to a future position on a race team, which will allow you to gain valuable experience and knowledge on your path to becoming an owner.

Step 4: Funding

While this may be the hardest step of all, it can be done. First of all, if you already have a business or know someone who can support you, this would be the ideal way to go. However, you can get funding from investors, depending on how much experience you have with a NASCAR team. You will need to prepare a "start-up" budget and an "operating expenses" sheet in order to know how much funding you will need, and how much sponsorship money you will need to compete throughout the season. Also, you can try partnering with other "smaller" owners in the sport that may be willing to start a co-ownership of a team. This can be a very long process that can cost millions of dollars, and includes buying the race car itself, a team, a race shop, NASCAR licenses, travel and hotel expenses, etc. When all of this has been prepared, you are ready to go racing!

Step 5: Race Day

This is without a doubt the most important part of the entire process. This is the part where you have to prove yourself to the fans, other race teams, and the entire racing community. It is a must that you come prepared to the track, with the race car set up, fine tuned, and prepared for the big race. Also, your team must be prepared to face my problems that might come their way including engine problems, accidents, etc. Finally, the race could be what decides your future as a NASCAR owner, so be sure to hire a driver that is determined and who can meet your expectations.

By now you must have a good understanding of what it takes to become a NASCAR owner in one of NASCAR's Top 3 National Series. While it can be a pain-staking process that can take a lot of hard work, years of experience on a team, and lots of funding, if you have a true passion for racing you will surely say that it was all worth it! I'll see you at the Track!