Feeling out of shape? Tired of seeing season after season of Biggest Loser contestants lose weight, while you continue to gain? It may be time to take a step in the right direction and join a local gym. However, don't run to the nearest establishment and put your money down. Like a fitness routine, you should take small steps before you leap into something you may not be ready for. Before committing, here are 5 beginner gym tips to achieve your goals! 

Things You Will Need

Several Local Gym Options
Gym Buddy or Fitness Friend
Achievable Goals
Fitness Support Team
Healthy Lifestyle

Step 1

Join With A Buddy

Find a Gym Guide and Tour Your Potential Fitness Center

If you are interested in joining a gym, you should first do your research. Pick out a few local gyms and take a tour. Most likely, a gym associate will be at your service to answer every question that you may have. These associates are employed to sell their gym and gain your business, so do not be afraid to really ask important questions. After all, monthly gym membership fees add up and you do not want to be swindled into a bum deal. Take the tour and ask questions, but do not commit until you've looked into other fitness centers. Bigger is not always better. Some gyms may offer tons of equipment that you will never use, so consider their gym membership fee and what you are really paying for. A much smaller gym that is geared to your fitness routine may be a better option. Either way, you should be comfortable with your choice before you commit and sign a monthly contract.

Step 2

Fitness Friend

Join With a Buddy

You have decided to join a gym. Excellent! But, be honest with yourself. You are nervous about adventuring into your new fitness center. You are probably afraid of what the more in-shape veteran gym members will think of you. You might even use an exercise machine wrong and embarrass yourself. Don't worry! Walking into a gym can be intimidating if you are not used to working out. So, the best thing to do is join with a buddy! Nothing is more helpful than joining with a friend, co-worker, family member, or social acquaintance. Be sure to choose someone who also wants to get fit or is already a regular gym member. Make sure your gym buddy is serious about joining and be sure to setup a workout schedule. If your fitness friend backs out, it can be hard to motivate yourself to continue so be serious when choosing which friend to join with.

Step 3

Achieving Goals

Set Achievable Goals

There are many people who join gyms, only to quit soon thereafter. Don't be one of them! It is extremely easy to become discouraged when you know you have a lot of work to do. Getting in shape is difficult and setting a goal that is too hard to reach can be detrimental to your fitness progression. Therefore, you should consider setting smaller, more obtainable goals. If you are going to run the Chicago Marathon, you need to take one week and one mile at a time several months in advance of the race date. If you want to climb a mountain, don't try to kill yourself climbing to the very top of the gym rock-climbing wall. Be smart and focus on beating your best times and setting reachable goals. Don't be disappointed if you can't beat your next challenge. It just means that you need to train more and push yourself harder.

Step 4

Yoga (29712)

Utilize Your Gyms' Resources and Try Different Fitness Programs

You'd be amazed at how many classes your gym has to offer! Most gyms want to offer everything to bring in more customers. That's fine and you will not have to join anything that doesn't interest you. But, you should join at least a few courses. After all, your monthly membership fee is expensive for a reason. Look at this as your chance to experience an activity that you wouldn't normally see yourself doing. Join yoga, step aerobics, or a basketball team. You can also find a gym program that compliments your goals. If you are looking to run a marathon, join a spin class to build up your power. Basically, if you can see yourself trying a particular fitness routine, you should sign up and attend a few sessions. And if it's not for you, don't worry about skipping out.

Step 5

Junk Food

Be Courageous and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Becoming physically-fit is tough and you'll be challenged at every corner to progress in your training. A healthy diet can support your weight loss, replenish important nutrients, and promote better workout performance. So, why would you want to go and throw your goals away by eating junk food, drinking too much alcohol, or taking unnecessary risks with your body? Everyone knows it is hard to stay away from all the bad stuff, but if you choose to constantly indulge you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. Your body needs proper nourishment to continue to build muscles, drop weight, and create energy. Without a healthy intake, you'll be ill-equipped to exercise and meet your goals. Unfortunately, it is fairly cut and dry. Of course, you can have an occasional treat but be smart and remember your goals! Don't do silly stunts that might cause stress fractures or broken bones. And make sure you get enough rest between exercise routines. Over-exercising can also wear down your body and wear away your chances of meeting your goals. Put an end to your unhealthy habits and progress with your fitness!

With these 5 beginner gym tips to achieve your goals, you should be able to consider your options when joining a gym, choosing a workout buddy, setting achievable goals, finding the right fitness program, and curbing your unhealthy habits.