What Are Green Jobs?

There is no clear definition of what green jobs are. It depends on who you ask. According to one International Environmental Program, they are jobs that work in manufacturing and agricultural and reduces toxic waste and air pollution. According to one venture capitalist, "Green-collar jobs are blue-collar jobs in the green space." The Green Jobs Act of 2007 classifies them as jobs having renewable biofuels and energy-efficient construction and material use. The United States Department of Labor does not currently keep statistics on the green industry. One report predicts that 1 out of every 4 Americans will be working in the renewable industries by the year 2030. It is also estimated that these jobs could generate between $2-$4 trillion dollars in the American economy. This profession will continue to prosper and these are 5 benefits of these jobs:

Preserving The Earth

Green jobs can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is one of the biggest dangers of global warming. Solar panel installers conserve energy and investigate green alternatives for building materials. They install solar-thermal water heaters and make using energy more efficient. These installers also work to reduce or eliminate global warming air pollution. Something simple such as more energy-efficient lightbulbs, are researched by these environmental professionals. America has an enormous shortage of farmers, and they are very important when it comes to preserving our earth. Farmers recycle materials such as plastic containers, batteries, and scrap metal. They protect wetlands and improve water quality. These jobs make the environment cleaner and promotes better health for all of the citizens of the earth.

Green Jobs Help The Economy

The American economy can benefit from these jobs because they reduce energy use and consumption. They also encourage recycling, which is one of the best ways to keep the environment clean. Almost 50% of all buildings in the United States use greenhouse gas emissions. Millions of Americans are exposed to this every day and this runs up billions of dollars in unnecessary health care costs. If "green" buildings were created, America could reduce this by half. This would create jobs for construction workers, engineers, welders, and architects. Currently, more green-friendly vehicles are being produced and it is estimated that this is helping to employ over 150,000 workers. This is also good for public transportation because the risk of being exposed to harmful pollutants will be reduced. Many of these jobs are also good, middle-class jobs. The median salary for green jobs are over $46,000 per year. These jobs help the environment, pay good wages, and reduce unemployment. This is a winning situation for everyone.

Green Jobs Promote Good Health

They promote good health because they clean up the environment and promote conservation. Geoscientists analyze the earth in order to find other sources of green energy. They are often hired by companies to help them reduce air pollution or fight greenhouse gases. These companies also hire geoscientists to make sure that they are following government regulations. They can often forsee any potential environmental problems and offer solutions.

Green Jobs Help You Save Money

Green jobs can save you money because they focus on energy efficiency and green alternatives. For example, carpentry is important because they can use green materials to build homes that will last for many years. They can make roofs, moldings, and baseboards more environmentally friendly. Over time, this will save a homeowner money and help the environment. It will also increase the value of their home and make their neighborhood more attractive. Composting is another good way to keep more money into your pocket because it reduces solid waste. This reduces your taxes and it works as a fertilizer.

Green Jobs Benefits Future Generations

We all have a moral obligation to create a healthier environment for our children and grandchildren. It would be incredibly selfish for us to leave the earth in a bad condition. We should all promote clean air, energy-efficiency, and conservation. They can help reduce the risk of diseases and ailments. Many cancers are caused by harmful toxins and chemicals. These jobs can reduce them significantly. If every American took some time to recycle bottles or cans everyday, it would help the earth tremendously. Green jobs will also raise the standard of living for future generations. It is estimated that the green industry will employment for millions of people for the next 20 years.

Green jobs help us preserve the earth and help America's economy and raise our country's standard of living. They promote good health, help people live longer, and reduce health care costs. They help you save money and benefits future generations. The green industry is a win-win situation for everyone.