Tithing is a biblical principle whereby 10% of a Christian’s income, time and energy is donated to the church to assist with the cost of running the church and helping those that are less fortunate and require assistance. 

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This is a way for those that are fortunate enough to enjoy the quality of life that we in the western world enjoy, to help those that are less fortunate and in need of a helping hand. This does not however mean that non-Christians can’t share in the benefits that come with tithing, the benefits are universal and I strongly encourage you to read the reasons below and enjoy the benefits. Imagine if everyone in the western world was to tithe their income, time and energy what a wonderful world that we could create, a world where children did not go hungry and preventable deaths were stopped.

Leave A Legacy

Using your tithe to help those in need whether they be people or animals, help to make you feel like you are having an impact on the world. That is because you are, by giving your tithe you will have a life changing impact on those that benefit from it.

Be Happier

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Taking the initiative to help those that need the help has a positive impact on your own life. As a society we can become very self-centered and so by focusing on the needs of others you change your focus. The simple act of helping to save the life of a puppy or helping someone that has become homeless due to uncontrollable circumstances can have a lasting impact on the world and leaves you with a feeling of achievement. 

Become More Content

The contributing of tithes forces you to think of others and this process allows you to become more content with what you have as you come to realize that you are far better off than others. This is not to say that you do not deserve more or that you should not work to get more but simply that you will be happy with what you have when you have it. I am a firm believe that you should be happy whether you have enough to live basically or have more that you could ever need. It is the responsibility of all of us to reach our potential and share our increasing success through are increasing tithes.

Receive More

GenerosityCredit: Photo by BuglugsGenerosity opens you to be able to receive more. If you have a closed fist so that you hold on to your money tight then no more money can get in, however, if your hold you palm out flat some money might get away however much more can be placed on your palm and you come out better in the end.

Feel Appreciated

As a part of your tithe you have the chance to impact lives for the better and those that receive will be thankful. Keep in mind though that the impact that you have will also flow on to have a continual impact. If you help a person to get through a tough situation then they become more likely to help those that they come across that are in a tough situation and so on. Think of your tithe like planting a seed, you plant the seed and it grows, the plant that you have helped to nurture then produces its own seeds and helps them to grow with the process continuing on and on.


As part of my tithing I am making every tenth article that I write a charitable article that supports the cause that InfoBarrel is supporting and do some good with my words. As this is my tenth article it is my first charitable article. This is part of my tithe of time and energy and is on top of tithing my income to my local church.

I challenge you to start tithing your income, time and energy and see what a wonderful impact that it will have on your life.

Please share the ways in which you tithe or ideas that you have had as a result of reading this article in the comments below. 

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