Cloud Publishing

The recent years have created quite a buzz for cloud computing and SAAS which involves the use of cloud based platforms. One of the most important reasons behind the immense popularity of cloud platforms is the global accessibility with multi-tenant permission so that the file can be accessed by any permitted user from anywhere across the globe as long as he has the required credentials and an internet connection.

Digital publishing is one of the areas which is benefiting tremendously from cloud services, especially when it comes to storage or conversion of PDF to html5 based digital editions. Converting your raw PDF content into engaging apps and flipbooks is now as easy as clicking a button. Check out these 5 benefits that you can get when you utilize cloud based digital publishing.

Global Access

This is the biggest advantage of cloud based platforms as anyone with permissions can access the files or information stored on cloud servers from anywhere in the world. This makes it convenient for multi-location teams to work cohesively on single projects. In terms of digital publishing, global access enables updates to be made to the content from anywhere by accessing the right file from the virtual storage. What could be better than being close to your files wherever you go and without having to worry about the clutter of physical storage devices (even if they are rather small in size)?

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Single user architecture is a constraint with the desktop systems as only a single person can manage and maintain the work there while getting access to all the required information. However, in cloud services, it is possible to get multi-tenant architecture where more than one person can use it and access the files while making changes in real time. This feature supports real time working which is great for teams that are located in different geographic locations. In terms of digital publishing, updates to the content can be made instantly from anywhere and the same can be made to reflect in the saved file.

Reduced Costs of Publishing

Without the requirement of dedicated software and physical operating systems or storage spaces, the cost of publishing is significantly less than its printed counterpart. Cloud based publishing does not require any specific skills for creating interactive templates as the user has to provide only a PDF file with the required links and the online conversion tool can convert it into an engaging presentable format. In the case of desktop publishing systems, you would be required to hire an expert who is well versed in the creation and modification of interactive digital editions. This cost is also avoided when using cloud based publishing.

Simple and Fast Processing of Files

As long as you have the required content in PDF format, creating a digital flipbook is easy and fast. The majority of the work goes into creating and laying out content properly during the PDF creation stage. If you consider the need for timely preparation of updated marketing content, it would become evident that by using cloud services, you can convert the PDF into a flipbook anywhere and fast which can be presented to clients if you are on your way to a meeting. In other applications, you can even use these services to create updated marketing material as soon as you are able to get your hands on the PDF file.

Platform Independence and Greater Compatibility

Unlike desktop software, cloud based publishing is platform independent and works with browsers that have universal compatibility. This is important because you do not have to get separate software every time you change the configuration of your system or you change your platform. Moreover, you would not have to maintain compatibility between different versions as the files are stored in cloud servers with a common editable format. This not only helps to save valuable time but also eliminates unnecessary hassles of reconfiguring systems to maintain compatibility.

If you have not used cloud services before, then you should definitely give it a try and see these benefits for yourself. However, you should always make it a point to understand the proper working of these services before you jump to any conclusion. Such convenience and global real time access to the files really helps to make marketing communication effective, prompt, and accurate.