Regularly walking your dog is extremely beneficial to both you and your dog.  Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “a tired dog is a good dog.”  There’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment you get knowing you’ve gotten your exercise in for the day and then looking over at your normally hyper pooch snoozing away peacefully.  Below are some of the benefits of regularly walking your dog.

Dog Walking


One of the obvious benefits of walking your dog is the increased level of fitness that you will achieve by getting regular exercise.  Not only that, but the dog is so excited about going for walks regularly that you will feel bad if you don’t actually do it.  Dogs are the ultimate accountability tool in your fitness regimen.  The walks improve your dog’s fitness, quality of life and longevity as well.

Stress Relief

It is well known that exercise relieves stress by causing the release of endorphins.  In addition, regularly going for walks with your four legged friend, who doesn’t contribute much to a conversation, gives you plenty of time to think and problem solve.  This helps reduce stress and increase your productivity.

Being Your Dog's Hero

If you have a routine involved in walking your dog he will express quite a lot of enthusiasm when he realizes what is about to happen.  This is especially true if before each walk you routinely say something like, “do you want to go for a walk?”, until he recognizes the phrase.  The excitement and tail wagging that ensues is very gratifying.  When a dog is shared among family members, the person who does the walking usually ranks as high as or higher than the person who does the feeding on the list of the dog’s favorite people.  If you fill both roles, there is no question who the dog likes best!

Vitamin D

If you regularly step outside for a walk with your pooch, you are less likely to have a Vitamin D deficiency.  Vitamin D is produced by your body when your skin is exposed to the sun.  Depending on where you live and the time of year, it only takes about a half an hour of sun exposure a few times a week to make enough Vitamin D.[1]

Practicing Dog Obedience

The time spent walking with your dog provides many opportunities to practice obedience and manners.  If you walk with him on a leash he will learn how to walk without pulling.  If you walk with him off leash, you can teach him how to come when called.  In both cases your dog will quickly learn how to behave when encountering other dogs and people.


If you’re a dog lover, you want your best friend to live a long, healthy and happy life.  Going for regular walks is one way to accomplish all three.  As a bonus you will help ensure that you also have a long, healthy and happy life!