MySpace (though not the originator, in many ways the catalyst of the social media boom) launched only 6 years ago. Today there are hundreds of social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Digg, each of which caters to a multitude of different and overlapping audiences. Online social networking is an undisputed fact of life for millions of internet users world-wide.

The growth of social media has made Social Media Marketing, or SMM, one of the most effective advertising methods today. Unlike traditional advertising methods, SMM campaigns rely on the active participation of potential clients and customers, by circulating compelling articles, videos and other content through social media sites. Here are some of the ways in which successful social media marketing can benefit your business.

The importance of receiving quality, permanent links from respected domains cannot be overstated. If a large amount of people link to your articles and to your site on their Facebook or MySpace profiles and in their own company sites, said articles gain authority. Search engines like Google will increase their ranking on search results, and thus, your brand becomes more visible to people searching for your products, services or information on topics related to them.

Low Cost
Running a successful social marketing campaign saves you money. No buying of ad-space is involved. The advertising is done organically through social media content, and in many ways is more effective than traditional advertising methods. For great pricing on social media marketing campaigns contact Best Rank, a leading Los Angeles SEO company.

Secondary Traffic
Quality secondary traffic, meaning people who find out about you through related sites that have linked to your original social media content, is as important as primary traffic. Secondary traffic is almost pre-screened, as it comes your way because of a person's interest in topics that relate to your business. Back linking also builds up your rank on search engines.

Building a core
Any business who wants to succeed needs to have a strong core of supporters. SMM methods help you do this by creating interest in your brand via organic social media posts and links. Of course this all depends on you being able to create interesting, quality social media content that people are going to be drawn to. Once you have a loyal following, you have a base market ready to buy your products and tell other about it.

Avoid ad blindness
Internet users are becoming increasingly blind to traditional online advertising techniques, line banners and pop-ups. SMM helps you sidestep this pitfall by catering to relevant markets through compelling media content.