If you find yourself constantly in wet or watery conditions over the summer time then you may want to consider the Newport H2 by Keen. This sandal is specifically designed to be used in and out of the water. There soles are razor sipped to proved awesome traction on slick rocks. You can read the comparison of the Keen Newport H2 vs. the Leather Newport. Both have great advantages, but the Newport H2 is specifically designed to be used in the water and to dry faster than the original Keen Newport.

Keen H2 Sport SandalsCredit: Author

Won’t Slip Off Of Foot

The Keen Newport H2 will not slip off of your foot. It is designed to stay attached to your feet unlike cheap flip flops. The Keen Newport H2 can be worn into the water to protect your feet from the rocks, broken glass, and other debris that may be lining the bottom of the stream or lake.

When you do emerge from the water your sandal will stay attached to your feet. Many flip flop style sandals have a tendency to shoot the sandal out behind you away and off of your foot. The Newport H2 is specifically designed to stay attached to your feet and to provide support, protection, and comfort in most any conditions including lake bottoms.

Toe Protection

The rubber bumper on the toe area is a sign that you are sporting a pair of Keen sandals.  The rubber toe protection guard is a great feature to keep you from banging your toes on rocks and sticks. The toe guard enables you to safely and comfortably hike in most summer conditions without fear of slamming your toe into an obstruction on the trail.

Easily Tighten or Loosen

The built in stretchy lace system on the Newport H2 makes adjusting the sandal a very easy job. You can wear them loose and then when you are ready for some hiking or swimming you can tighten the sandal up on your foot with a simply squeeze and push. It literally only takes 5 seconds per shoe to tighten or loosen the sandal, and there is no need to worry about the laces ever coming undone.

Designed to Get Wet

The Keen Newport H2 is designed to get wet. In fact, the H2 is most at home is wet conditions. If you like to swim at the lake then the H2 sandal will protect your feet from sharp debris that may be lurking. If you like to fish and are constantly standing in water when you land fish then the Newport H2 is a great sandal to buy.

The Newport H2 has an upper that is designed to get wet without ruining the sandal. You can actually wash your Newport H2 sandals in the washing machine without fear of running them. The Newport H2 is a true water shoe.

Flick Flick Flick Flack

The sound of a wet flip flop is a sure sign that summer has arrived. If you find the sound of a wet flip flop annoying, then rest assured that the Keen H2 water sandal does not have this sound, unless you have loosened up your sandals to the extreme.