Celebrity Updo Hairstyles

The Best Celebrity Hair UpDos

Ask any celebrity what they do with their hair when they want to really light up the red carpet, and the answer will be the same: the celebrity updo!

These 5 celebrity updo hairstyles are examples of the best the red carpet has to offer. Long hair or short, blonde, brunette or redhead, these folks know how to look glamorous and elegant with their up do. Pictures here are the best I've found, but there are a lot more out there. Still, rich and famous or not, people don't always get it right! 

Without further ado, here are 5 celebrity updos!

Celebrity Updo Hairstyles: Taylor Swift

The Best Celeb UpDos

Celebrity Updo: Taylor SwiftCredit: rikmo.onsugar.com

Taylor Swift is a great example of celebrity updo excellence! For someone so young, she has a great grasp of classic beauty, and her looks are always captivating. Taylor Swift's celebrity updo hairstyles have no doubt inspired many prom updos in 2011, mainly because she has a way of looking older and more elegant on the red carpet.

Her classic celebrity updo look seems to be to go with a side part, and keep the majority of her hair on one side of her head. Kind of reminiscent of the side ponytail of the 80s, except about 1000 times more elegant and formal. Yet the formality of this hairstyle doesn't make her seem too stuffy or overdone. It's a light touch, and this celebrity updo is one to remember. 

Celebrity Updo Hairstyles: Katherine Heigl

Best Celebrity Updos

celebrity updo hairstyles: katherine heiglCredit: updosforhair.com

Katherine Heigl is a woman blessed with fantastic, long thick hair. She can almost do no wrong! Her celebrity updo is one to remember, mimic and enjoy. Why? Because she doesn't stick with the classic, risk free look.

Katherine Heigl's celebrity updo pictured above is a very vintage inspired look. You could easily see stars wearing this look 50 years ago. There are some modern elements, of course, but it makes her look timeless. What woman doesn't want to look timeless? 

Katherine Heigl's celebrity updo is a great one to remember and use, if you can find a stylist able to construct it!

Celebrity Updo Hairstyles: Carrie Underwood

Celebrity Prom Updo Hairstyles

celebrity updo hairstyles: carrie underwoodCredit: hairstyletwist.com

The darling of Nashville, and wife to hockey player Mike Fisher, this star is an incredible singer and she has incredible hairstyles. She never has a bad hair day! Her celebrity updo is incredible, a great example of a 'classic' updo look (think big hair!). It's sort of like an extremely toned-down version of a Dolly Parton updo, fitting as she's a country music star. 

Celebrity Updo Hairstyles: Tyra Banks

Best Celeb Updo Hairstyles

celebrity updo hairstyles: tyra banksCredit: hairstyleswatch.com

Tyra Banks may indeed be insane, but I can certainly vouch for her style chops. In the picture above we see she can pull off an amazing celebrity updo hairstyle seemingly effortlessly.

Tyra's elegant, sweeping, sleek hairstyle look here harkens back to the big movie stars and glamorous celebrities of years gone by. It's hard to imagine this celebrity updo hairstyle not complimenting any dress perfectly. 

Celebrity Updo Hairstyles: Jessica Alba

Great Celebrity Hairstyles for the Red Carpet

celebrity updo hairstyles: jessica alba(55778)Credit: www.wedding-hairstyles.com celebrity updo hairstyles: jessica albaCredit: hairstyles123.com

If you're searching for updo hairstyles, I defy you to not run across dozens of photos of Jessica Alba's celebrity updos. She has great hair, and a lot of it, so she puts it to good use on the red carpet.

Jessica Alba's celebrity updo hairstyles seem to run the gambit of styles and trends, and they all look good on her. Personally I think she looks best when she piles her hair right on top of her head in some fashion, but she looks great with it partially down or messy too.