The Top Five Detective Shows

Everybody loves the classic detective show. Detective shows are some of the most fantastic intrging show on the T.V. With so many off them i am going to list my 5 personal favorites here in no particular order.

Psych is the hilarious story of Shawn Spencer, a man who as a child was, trained by his father to be a fantastic detective. Shawn doesn't join the police force but, instead uses his skills to pretend to be a psychic. Though this show may not be as intense as some of the other shows on this list, it makes the list for sheer hilarity alone. Shawn's style of investigation, the setting and the diversity of story stops this from being your run of the mill average detective show.


Bones is a Fox detective show centering on Dr.Temprance or "Bones" , a very smart doctor who knows a whole lot about anatomy but has absolutely no social skills. She is counter balanced by Booth, a savvy FBI agent. This may seem like a run of the mill average show. The thing that saves the show is the inventive stories that sometimes can be serious and other times can be particularly funny.This show makes the list for its mix of hilarity with drama and variety or writing.

Law and Order:SVU is a long running staple of the industry. Law and Order has a diversity I think not many other detective shows can claim. The first half of the show usually focuses on the detectives role in investigating a crime. There are two main detectives and two minor ones that play roles from time to time. The plots focus many times on "special" crimes such as those involving minors, rape or other distinctive factors. All of the Detectives are well developed and have their moments to shine. My particular favorite is Ice Cube's character who is particularly street savvy. The second half of the show plays on the trial and the problems with that. This in particular is my favorite part but sometimes is downplayed for the detective part of the show. This one lands itself on the list for the interesting development of the story line and fantastic acting.


Monk is one of the more unusual detective show to make the list. Monk follows well Monk, a man who was so distraught after his wife's murder, that he developed terrible OCD and is laid off from his job at the Police Department. Monk eventually rejoins and brilliantly solves crime from his unique view point. The television show is very light and happy but, in some specific elements it explores dark stories with that special Monk touch. Monk makes the list for its quirky atmosphere and happy pick me up feeling that it pulls off even with the presence of deaths and murders.


Fringe is a new fox series that centers around detective Oliva Dunham. The show deffenitaly defferiantates itself in many ways. For one it doesnt follow the usual story, in Fringe all the murders follow the "pattern" or that scientists are now testing their Fringe science on the world. Very strange and awsome murders insue all following a dark mysterious pattern that leave you wanting more. This show makes the list for its inventive mysterious story's always leaving me with a fantastic cliff hanger. I hope this show stays around for a long time.