Traveling with toddlers can be challenging, however, it is an experience worth the effort. Taking a vacation with toddlers means planning ahead. If your baby is not happy, you will find it hard to have fun too as your focus will be on trying to cater to the needs of your child. The good news here is that toddlers are usually easily amused and there are many things that catch their attention. Most new things are fascinating for toddlers and a child can be entertained by the sometimes the simplest of things. There are many inexpensive family vacation spots where you can head with your toddlers and some that are more expensive. Here is a list of five great family vacation ideas with toddlers.

Beach- #1 Family Vacation Idea While Travelling with Toddlers

You can take your family on a vacation to a beach location. As mentioned above, it is not hard to entertain a young child. They will be fascinated by the mere scene of waves crashing against the shore. A beach vacation with the family can be quite enjoyable. If you can, try to get a resort located next to the beach so you can go back and forth easily. Kids and toddlers often need nap time so it works out great having your lodging right next to the center of attraction. So whether you play in the sand, search for seashells or just relax in the sun, a beach is a great vacation spot for a family with toddlers.

Theme Parks - #2 Vacation Idea for Families With Toddlers

Theme Parks seem like the most obvious option when it comes to choosing a vacation spot where you can go with your toddlers or babies. Most theme parks have areas geared towards toddler fun. Kids can go on small rides or may water theme parks have kiddie sections with all kinds of fun children water games. There are also some theme parks that are designed mainly for children and they arrange various interesting and creative activities for kids to enjoy.

Disney Cruises - #3 Family Vacation Idea With Toddlers

You may not have paid attention to this idea before but the Cruises today make it easy to take your baby or toddler onboard. Disney Cruise Lines are probably the best in the business when we talk about toddler vacations cruises. They have nurseries for children where you can leave your baby older than 6 weeks and can enjoy adult fun activities. Some cruises even offer babysitting services and nannies are available to take care of the toddlers. Disney Cruises offer a kids club for kids to join other kids on the cruise and do fun activities together. A kid-friendly cruise is a great option when planning that family vacation with toddlers.

Resorts- #4 Family Vacation Idea With Toddlers

A resort can also be a good travel destination in summer vacations. Special arrangements are made in many resorts for the young guests and baby care products are available at these resorts. All Inclusive resorts are a great option for a family as all of the activities and fun events are built into the price. Moreover, there are baby pools present at many resorts too where you can leave your babies and let them have fun. A waterpark resort designed for young kids can be relaxing and fun for the whole family. If you are planning a Midwest family vacation the Wisconsin Dells has many of these types of resorts. If you pick a kid friendly resort this might be one of the best options for planning a vacation with toddlers.

Day or Weekend Trips- #5 Family Vacation Idea While Travelling with Toddlers

These day trips can serve as short weekend getaways and for example; you can go around a city sight seeing. It is a great way to have fun and spend your vacation time. All you need is the write gear and a bit of planning and knowhow of the places you want to visit. Do some research ahead of time and try to have a plan in mind. Planning is essential when travelling with toddlers. Other family day trip vacations would be going to a zoo, local waterpark, or even a local hotel with a nice swimming pool can be great fun for the family and especially the kids.

Travelling with toddlers is much easier nowadays with the many luxuries and options available. Do your research and get your own idea for a great family vacation with toddlers. Feel free to add any other family vacation with toddler ideas to the comments to make this a better resource for those that find it.

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