What Does Fondue Mean?

What exactly is the meaning of fondue party or fondue menus? Read on to know in what ways the given restaChocolate FondueCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chocolatefondue.JPGurant are special and why people are rushing to have dinner in these restaurants.

The term ‘Fondue’ originates from French word “fonder” meaning melted. Any mouthwatering dish that is melted into concoction is known as fondue menu. People in Switzerland love to have cheese fondue served in hot pot. Though there are several fondue restaurants in Chicago the following are the best in various aspects.

Geja's Cafe

Geja’s Café caters to the appetizing needs of millions of people over 45 years. It would be great choice for celebration, romance and merry making. It features variety of wines specially flavored and mixed for individual customers. Enjoy the exotic atmosphere of candle-lit room surrounded by Spanish music where you can sip the exclusive Swiss cheese fondue which has been melted over open flame and served on your table with fresh fruits and breads. You have several choices to make from jumbo shrimp, lobster tail, beef tenderloin, chicken breast and much more. You will be served dinner with plenty of fresh vegetables added with 8 dipping sauces. Never forget to taste the famous chocolate fondue served along with marsh mallows and fresh fruits.

The restaurant is located at 340 W, Armitage Avenue, Chicago. For avoiding disappointment you can reserve seats by calling   773-281-9101. Geja’s Café is open daily and working hours are from 5pm to 10pm from Monday to Thursday and extended hours on Friday and Saturday.

Melting Point

This family restaurant gives unique dining experience and you can have celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries here. Having more than 140 outlets across North America this chain of restaurant was established in 1975 at Maitland, Orlando. Right from the day of its inception it caters to millions of Chicagoans and other visitors from various parts of America. It had just 3 menus namely Swiss fondue cheese, chocolate fondue and beef fondue when it was opened. The guests can see their fondue cooked right in front of their eyes which is hotly served with fresh salads, and desserts. You can make a start with Cheese fondue, salad, and entrée and make your own choice of foods paired with variety of wines.

The Melting Point changes its theme of big night out for every 6 months adding more flavors and themes. You can log on to its official website for locating the restaurant in your area.

Fondue Stube

Located at 2717, W Peterson Avenue, Chicago, Fondue Stube offers you exhilarating experience with classical beers, wines and liquor. They provide you 3 full courses of fondue dinner and charges $15.95 per person and you should be accompanied by another person for availing this benefit. On Fondue unlimited you are allowed to eat as much beef you can, which is served with fresh veggies and 4 signature sauces for $26 per person. This offer is just on Mondays and Wednesdays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays you have $28.95 offer for eating lots of fishes and chicken served with 4 fondue stube sauces.

Sabor Saveur

For those who love to eat Mexican food, Sabor Saveur is the right choice. This restaurant offers you original Mexican food prepared in French style. The first time visitor will be fancied by the ambience of the room and deliciously served entrees and prompt service. Nothing is overpriced here and you will love to come back to get that unique experience of Mexican food. It is located at 2013, W Division, Chicago and kept open on all days of the week except Mondays.

The appetizing blend of smells: onion, butter, and garlic clearly expose Sabor Saveur as a restaurant that is not new in the world of culinary arts. The place offers amazing and remarkable Mexican-French cuisine combination. Besides its food, the restaurant is also quite trendy and has superb services that are almost personalized.

Sabor Saveur has good food, unique services and the overall atmosphere can be described as splendid. Compared to other Fondue restaurants in Chicago it can be ranked among the best. Beside the hotels cheese fondue appertiser, it offers other exotic delicacies which are designed to entice the patrons to come along with their friends. Also the availability of veal medallions served over tamarind mango sauce is another major exotic cuisine popular here.

Cocoro Restaurant

It is an authentic Japanese cuisine situated in downtown, Chicago. You can find only few restaurants in Chicago catering Japanese style of dinner with sushi and sashimi to keep you healthy. Owned by Japanese this restaurant is famous for quality food and high end service.

Equally, Cocoro is an outstanding fondue restaurant offering authentic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant caters for both Japanese and non Japanese patrons. The quality of their cuisine is well defined by their miso ramen which is traditionally supplemented with katsu curry and both are superbly prepared. In brief,Cocoro restaurant has unfailingly courteous services, while its atmosphere is evidently dynamic and serene in a very unique way.

It is common to see lot of Japanese to sit along with you having open discussion in their language. You can find Cocoro restaurant at 668 N Wells Street, Chicago.

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