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Bachelorette Party CartoonA Bachelorette Party (or Hen Party if you happen to be British) is a special night for any bride-to-be. It's when she gathers with her nearest and dearest friends and family to wish a fond farewell to single life. I've learnt quite a lot about what makes Bachelorette parties successful in the last couple of years; my beautiful other half makes her living organising them! She swears that it doesn't matter whether you've got an unlimited budget or you're working on a shoestring, what really makes the evening go with a bang is funny and well organised games. To help out all of you bridesmaids and matrons of honour (who are tasked with organising the event), here are my girlfriend's top 5 games to play at a Bachelorette Party.

1, Fact or Fiction

This is a really simple and quick game for all the girls to get involved in.

Research and type up 10 one sentence facts about the bride-to-be. They could be things she is very proud of, or even things she is very embarrassed of. They could be naughty and silly, or serious and emotional. Then use your imagination to create 10 sentences about the bride-to-be that aren't true. It's best to keep most of these in the realms of reality so it makes the game slightly more challenging, but it can be fun to slip in an outrageously unrealistic one (the bride-to-be once walked on the moon with Simon Cowell).

Some less crazy ones could be;
    •    The bride-to-be once jived with a man in a chicken costume.
    •    The bride-to-be won an award at school for pineapple carving.
    •    As a child, the bride-to-be crashed her bike into the back of a famous person's car.

Next, make sure that the lies are scattered among the facts in a random order on a sheet of A4 paper and print out enough copies for each guest. It's a good idea to provide a few pens too.
The guests the have ten minutes to finish the quiz, marking each sentence TRUE or FALSE.

Then have all the ladies swap answer forms so they can mark each other as you read the sentences aloud and reveal which sentences are true and which are false. The girl with the highest score should receive a prize, whilst the loser has to perform a forfeit.

2, Memories

This is a lovely game for the bride-to-be as it will take her on a sentimental journey.

Ask all the guests (but not the bride-to-be) to write a short memory they have of a time they spent with the bride-to-be. They can be as obscure as you like to make it more fun.

Examples might be;
The bride-to-be sang Copacabana on the karaoke at my 18th birthday party.
I once accidentally gave the bride-to-be food poisoning with my sherry trifle.

Place all the memories in a hat or bowl. The bride-to-be then picks them out one by and one and tries to guess who has written the specific memory.

Every time she gets one wrong, she must perform a forfeit. When she does get it wrong, don't tell her who the memory actually belongs to until she's read all the others (this prevents a process of elimination on her part).

Bride to be at her bachelorette party3, Guess The Girl

This Bachelorette Party game involves everyone at the party and requires a bit of courage.

Put the names of all the ladies who are guests at the party into a hat. Each guest then picks out a name (without revealing it to anyone else). Their task is then to act like the person whose name they have picked out. This can go on all night if you wish, but it's best to stop once someone has guessed who they are being.

Just a small warning on this one; avoid being too personal in your impersonations and don't be rude about the person you're playing. First rule of any bachelorette party is to keep it light and playful!

A slightly less risky version of the same game is to put the names of various celebrities into a hat and have the girls pick out the names one by one. Instead of becoming each other, they act as though they were that celebrity. The brilliant thing about this version of the game is that the bride-to-be gets loads of famous guests at her party!

4, I Have Never

A really fun and easy game to play at a Bachelorette Party is ‘I have never…’. But beware, it can get the guests a bit drunk, so small sips are advised.

Each lady takes it in turns to finish off the sentence ‘I have never…..’ with an activity they personally have never taken part in. For example, one guest might say, ‘I have never kissed two men on the same night.’ Anyone who is guilty of kissing more than one man on the same night must take a sip of their drink.

The hilarious thing about this game is the revelations. You might be quite shocked at what some of your best friends have been up to without ever telling you!

5, Either/Or

Before the night of the Bachelorette Party, get in touch with the groom so he can answer a few either/or questions. Write down the answers he gives to use later. For example, you could ask which the groom prefers; Blonde or Brunette?, Gel or Wax?, Baseball or Basketball?

At the party, quick fire the questions at the bride-to-be; her job is to guess which option her future husband picked. Every time she gives a wrong answer, she has to put a marshmallow in her mouth! This adds another element of fun, as sometimes by the end of the game she can barely speak!

Bonus Games

Another fun game idea for a bachelorette or hen party is a scavenger hunt. For this game divide up two teams. Hide items around the house such as things like lingerie, jewelry items, or even vibrators. Get creative if you have to! The team that wins is of course the one who has the highest tallied score. Make the prize itself creative as well if you want. Prizes can include things like gift certificates, beauty kits, a day at the spa, and other fun things. All in all make sure everyone has a good time! At the end of the game everyone should have a smile on their face.

Charades is another classic game suitable for a bachelorette party and you all can enjoy quite a few drinks while playing. That might even add to the fun! Make sure the phrases are related to marriage and place them in a hat. When the phrase is pulled out the participant has to act it out in any way possible. To even things up a little make the winner of the game do the most embarrassing charade to a stranger if the party happens to be in a public place. That will bring on double the laughter!

Ladies Only 

So all in all be creative and come up with the best bachelorette party out there! Enjoy the memories, laughter, and of course the love of friends. Just remember one thing. No men allowed at all! This night is for the ladies and ladies only. If men try to sneak in plan a creative punishment in return. Who knows? Maybe the punishment itself can make them laugh in the end. Just make sure it stays in that memory so they know to never mess with a bachelorette again!

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