Short History of Halloween

“Monsters - Some in red, others in green; remind me of my favorite Halloween!”

There are several festivals celebrated all around the world, however a few of them are the most unique ones with special features and purposes of their own. One of such festivals is Halloween.

Celebrated in many countries, it is a Samhain holiday wherein the Celtic New Year ends. Scary but true, it is believed that during this time, the veil that exists between the living beings and the dead spirits is at its thinnest and hence we get surrounded by the dead people, walking right among us, as one of us. Thus, the evening of this festival, popularly known as the Hallows' Eve, is celebrated by many people wherein they have a huge feast in the parties that they attend, specially held to celebrate this festival.

The most important feature of this festival is the costume of people. No matter what age, gender or race you belong to, if you wish to celebrate the joy of this festival, you need to focus on being one of the scariest ghosts among all the attendees of the party. A survey states that Halloween is one of the most adored, most awaited and favorite festivals of people belonging to the age group of 7 to 17. When the child leaves his childhood and flips new pages of his life, he becomes more responsible and self-dependent and hence, parents have no or fewer rights on his preferences, choices and other such stuff related to him. Therefore, it is your duty and affection towards your kids to make them look the best - oops - the scariest monsters for their Halloween parties, 'til they are dependent on you. You can make Halloween part of the special memories you have with your child. 

The costumes that are designed for Halloween festival are gender based. Although there are many options for girls, there are comparatively lesser choices of costumes for the boys. Hence, following are the 5 best Halloween costumes that we have picked for your little boy to make the crowd have fear in the eyes 

1) Chucky from the Child's Play movie series

"Here comes the little doll, scariest and wittiest amongst us all!"

 There are a few very people who must have not seen one of the scariest movies of all times - Child's Play. How about getting your little kid dressed in Chucky's red striped T-shirt and blue dungaree? All you need to do is buy this costume for him and mess his hair a little, since Chucky turns all messed up when he turns evil!

 Tip - To add to the fear factor, buy a fake butcher's knife and put some red paint on the boy's face to represent scars and blood, just like Chucky and he's set to get the attention of all other ghosts!  He will be your friend to the end. 

2) Frankenstein

"Made by joining several human parts, here I stand to scare many hearts!"

Remember that old monster that scared us all? Frankenstein, the weird monster, can be one of the most unique costumes for your little boy! The best thing about this monster costume is that even if you are not able to get one from the market, all you need to do is get a brown coat with a similar colored pant and a pure black T-shirt. Get a few images of this monster from the internet and pat some green paint on your kid's face by using cotton, dipped in this color!

Tip - Glue two big artificial screws on both the corners of your child's forehead to give the effect of several parts joined together!

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3) Dracula

"I am here to feast on thy warm blood"

Probably the world's most famous heart throb, who has looks to die for and makes you one of his kind once you meet him. Popular and scary, no one can miss your kid when he walks into the party dressed as Dracula since he is sure to find many of his kind! By buying this costume you actually buy attention of the crowd for your kid. However, if are you are not able to find it, you can use your child's old tuxedo. All you'd need is a red robe to tie around his neck and probably a hairstyle where his entire hair is neatly combed backwards.

Tip: Take a brush and dip it in red paint and add a little touch of drunken blood to his lips to make the other ghosts kneel in front of him.

4) Radium skeleton

"Dead yet alive in all of you, a skeleton enters dipped in radium, blue"

What can be funnier than scaring people who have come to scare others? There are radium skeleton costumes available in the market that glows in the dark. Make your little boy wear this that comes with a mask and let him enter the dark world to make an appearance to remember!

Tip - Give him a toy knife to steal heart beats of the others!

5) Grim Reaper

"Hush, here he comes to pick another soul in rush! 

Watch the evil spirits fear the king of Death - Grim Reaper the soul collector. Your son can make an impression by symbolizing the end of all, by being someone who everyone is afraid of. The best way to make your son this character just in case you are not able to get the costume in the market is by arranging a loose and hanging black cloak and hiding his face with a black cloth. Use a rope to tie around his waist and there he stands to silent all! 

Tip - Take a cardboard and an old stick and make an artificial scythe to add the perfect Grim Reaper touch!

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There are many other popular costumes that you can have the boy in your life wear however the best, mostly used and most preferred costumes are mentioned above. So buckle up dear parents, it's time to get people screaming by using these Halloween costumes for your boys!  I hope you have a great (by great I mean scary with a lot of candy) Halloween.  These will be the memories of your little boy and hopefully, he will share it with his children.  Go create those memories.  

If need Halloween costume ideas for your girl, there are many great options for them as well.

If you are thinking of throwing a party your your little Ghouls and Goblins there are all kinds of ideas.  Make today and everyday a great day.