There are lots of lures on the market but here are some of the simplest to use but still very effective in catching bass anywhere in the country. These 5 lure choices have been around for many years and are still considered the best when trying to catch bass just about anywhere.

Best Lures for BassCredit: mike sherman

1. Soft plastic worm

This lure is typically texas rigged with a small bullet weight and rigged on an offset worm hook. No matter if the fish are hungry or not, these soft plastics will get bites. All that is needed is a few twitches of the rod to make the worm dance. One helpful tip is to fish it slow and make contact with the bottom. This type of lure can be fished up shallow in thick cover or out deep on ridges or underwater humps.

One of the easiest types of soft plastic worms to work with is the "stickbait" or better known as a senko. Senko's will catch fish without doing anything to it. Once the senko hits the water it starts to shimmy on the way down, which drives bass nuts!

2. Spinnerbait

This lure is simple to use. A straight retrieve will get a lot of strikes. The main thing is to keep the blades turning either right under the surface or a few feet below the surface. Give a slight twitch while retrieving and it will trigger a reaction strike.

3. Topwater Popper

This lure is thrown out and allowed to sit a few seconds then a few pops of the rod will get this bait to look like an injured minnow. A simple pop pop pause retrieve is very effective at getting strikes. There are lots of different popper type baits but something like Pop-R or Popper baits made by Strike King are both good choices.

Also another good choice is the Bronzeye Popping Frog made by Spro. This lure pops just like a hard body popper but it is soft and weedless. It can effectively casted in and around vegetation where a normal popper bait would get hung up.

4. Jig

This lure is fished a lot like a worm. Typically thrown out and hopped along the bottom near structure like trees, stumps, docks, or brush piles. The jig has a weed guard in front of hook to help prevent snags. Many anglers will put craw type trailers on the hook for a bigger profile and to mimick a big crawfish. This type of lure is easy to use and very effective anywhere in the country.

5. Lipless Crankbait

The lipless crankbait is a proven winner. This lure is very effective in spring and fall seasons. There a couple of different ways to retrieve the lure. One way is to throw it out and just wind it back. Another way is to throw it out and wind it back and then let it fall on semi-slack line and then wind it back and then repeat all the way back. A lot of times bass will strike at it once it falls. Another common technique is to fish it around submerged vegetation and rip it out for a reaction strike.

Keep these 5 lure choices in your tacklebox and you will start catching more bass each time out.