There is nothing better than having a well written article, except if your well written article has photographs. Readers online do expect more than ever! With the high speed Internet there is the impending opportunity to have live feed from around the world, full high def images as well as moving graphics. And even writing on Info Barrel our readers expect to find quality content with grabbing photos. If you are a writer like me, who sometimes finds pictures to be a bit harder than the words, then these sites will really help your Info Barrel articles! Here's what to do!

Things You Will Need

Info Barrel Account

Need for Photographs

Step 1

Start by heading over to the photo site MorgueFile. This website had some great tools to find the perfect photograph for your Info Barrel article without even touching the bank. Plus, most of the photos are seriously strong images that will pull your readers in!

Step 2

Another great place to check is FreeRange. Here you will find some amazing images to use, but be very aware, the search tool is a bit frustrating. Use general terms and expect to spend a little time looking. However, these are free Stock images, so we can't be too choosy!

Step 3

Another huge data base of free photos to use is Flickr. While NOT every photo is available for use, there are plenty that are. Simply search within Creative Commons-licensed content and see how much there is to offer! You won't be disappointed.

Step 4

Free Media Goo is a smaller data base, but some of these free images to use are beautiful and eye stopping. When you surf around, keep your search words broad to better find images.

Step 5

Unprofound is another delightfully easy to use site with plenty of images your readers will appreciate. Don't be surprised is you have to pick more than one to highlight with your article! The use of copyright free or appropriate photos in your story is so important. As with every creative element, photographers need to be paid for their images too. Offering the images for free helps promote their work and provide writers an invaluable service!

Tips & Warnings