Get Paid To Write

Some People write for money and some others write for admiration.  If you come across both the stuffs on a same place why not grab the opportunity with both hands. Get paid for your writing is one of the best way to make money online and get fame.  Here you have 5 best websites where you can make money online with your writing skills. All you have to do is submit great content to them then sit back and watch the rest of the things. The more you get traffic to your articles more you get paid for it. So whenever you write articles keep few things in mind such as write what you are interested in, write for what people looking for, keywords, proper usage of grammar, spelling, etc.

Get Paid to Write
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Best Websites to Earn Money Online with your Writing

Hubpages is an excellent place for passionate writers where you can get rewards for writing content rich page called Hubs.  Hub is just like an article that usually created with Text, Image, and Video and the pages are supported by Google Adsense, ebay, and Amazon. For writing quality hubs, Hubpages shares 60% of ad revenue with you and you can also earn money through winning contests and other apprenticeships program.  Hubpages has a huge fan followers, so as a writer you can get very good exposure.

Squidoo is just like Hubpages, where the main difference is you no need of Google Adsense account in order to make money with your writing.  Squidoo shares 50% ad revenue of monetizing programs like Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate program, ebay, and CafePress.  You can receive your payments via Paypal or you can donate the earnings to charities.  Squidoo has been visited by more than one million people daily, so join the community and show your writing ability to the world.

Infobarrel is yet another outstanding publishing platform where writers can earn 75% of the ad revenue generated from their article pages.  You can write articles on various topics like business, health, technology, travel, entertainment, etc. You can receive your payment once you reach the minimum payout limit of $50.

About.Com is one of the world's best information providing website that offers freelancing opportunities for those who are passionate about writing, highly skilled in their topic area. Apply to be a freelance writer and submit articles on the available topics.

Triond is something different from all these publishing platforms.  Once your articles are approved it will be publish on their publishing network sites like webupon, Writinghood, ComputerSight, etc. What I like the most about Triond is it supports more than hundred languages around the world, so if your mother tongue is featured on the list of languages then you can submit your articles on your Mother Tongue too. The minimum payout is just $0.50 for users who want to receive the payment via Paypal service, for those who want to receive their payment through Western Union money transfer or Check payment then you have to accumulate $50 on your Triond account.