Everyone loves to go on vacations. They provide a great opportunity to leave the daily worries and tensions behind. Moreover, during vacations, we get to know our family better. Many people put off the idea of vacation because they think it is going to cost too much. Well, vacations can cost a lot if they are not properly planned for. However, you can make an exception for yourself. You can plan a vacation that is not so money consuming, and start saving for it. Saving money for vacations is not a very hard thing to do. You just have to make some adjustments and stick to your plan. The five best ways to save money for a vacation will take discipline but keep the end goal in mind.

Money Jar #1 Best Way to Save Money for a Vacation

First, take a jar and start placing change in it. At the hand of every day, place all the change you have into that jar. You will see it grow over the period of months. Another thing you can do to increase the amount of the change is round out the amount on payments you make and keep the change. For example, if a hair cut costs you $13.5 then round this amount to $14 and the put the change in the jar you have designated for the collection of vacation funds. Do not just stop with change start placing extra dollars into the jar to see it grow quicker. This is a great way to see it grow and to save money for a vacation.

Garage Sale #2 Best Way to Save Money for a Vacation

A garage sale is a very nice way to raise money and also get rid of things not needed in the house. Things gather in your house that you do not use and it is better to sell them then to hoard them. A garage sale will get you some money for your vacations and also clear your house of the clutter. This great way to save money for vacations can involve your kids also. Have the kids sell soda, lemonade, and cookies and let them know the extra money will go towards that summer vacation they have been dreaming about.

Cut Back on Unnecessary Expenses #3 Best Way to Save Money for a Vacation

Another great way to save money for that vacation is to reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenses, For example, if you are in a habit of spending $150 per month on entertainment, then reduce this amount to say $120. This way you will save up to $30 a month. Saving money on food is often easy to do as you can eat at home more often. Also, if you really want to save money for a vacation cutting cable for a few months might be a worthwhile sacrifice. You can often get a better deal as new customer when you reinstate the cable to your budget which will help save money also.

Include Money You will Save While Gone # 4 Best Way to Save Money for Vacations

To figure an accurate budget, you should also include the money you were expected to spend on groceries and utilities if you were not away from home on a vacation. For instance, if you usually spend $600 on utilities and groceries, and you plan to go on a vacation in July for two weeks, then add $400 to your vacation fund as the utilities will be a lot lower and you will not have that weekly grocery bill. This is an often overlooked way to save money planning a vacation.

Make Extra Money #5 Best Way to Save Money for a Vacation

Another great way to save vacation money is to make extra money. Do a part time job to gather some extra money. If you are a student, engage in a summer job. This way you will gain experience and money too. You should save any additional money that you make. For example, if you receive a surprise bonus, then save that amount. If you get that part time job have your pay check direct deposited into a savings account.

Saving money for a vacation can seem overwhelming at first but there are several ways to do it. The best method is going to be a combination of several things. Make a list of the ways you will save money for your vacation and start doing it.

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