Tips for Any Workout

These are the 5 best workout tips that can be implemented in anyone's workout.  It doesn't matter if you're a beginner and just starting to workout, or if you've been at this for a while.  These exercise tips can be beneficial to anyone.  This is geared toward strength training, but could also be adapted to cardio workouts.

1)  Raise Your Intensity
The more you put into a workout, the more you are going to get out of it.  Seems pretty logical, right?  Don't just go through the motions with your workout.  If you're doing push ups, see how many you can do in one minute, and then try to beat that next time.  The same can be done for other bodyweight exercises, like dips or pull ups.  If you're doing squats, explode up out of your squat.  Put some effort into it!

2)  Do Circuits
A circuit is when you perform one exercise right after the other, usually working different muscles with each exercise.  Doing circuits burns more calories, because your body is constantly working.  You're not doing a set of some exercise, standing around for a minute or two, and then doing another set.  That just makes your workout last longer and also makes it less effective.  

An example would be doing dips, bodyweight squats, and pull ups.  You would start by doing dips, do a specific number, or for a specific period of time.  When you're finished, immediately go into bodyweight squats, followed by immediately doing pull ups afterwards.  That's one circuit.  Rest for a minute after completion and do it again.

3)  Record Your Results
Write down what you do for each exercise when you do it.  That way, in your next workout, you'll know what you previously did.  It makes deciding what weight to use, or how many reps to do, much easier.  Plus, this leads to growth in your workout.  If I'm doing pull ups for 45 seconds, and I know I did 8 last time, then I'm shooting for 9 this time.  If you don't know what you previously did, how can you set goals in your current workout?

4)  Reduce Time Between Circuits
As you probably know by now, I like circuit training.  One thing you can add to circuit training deals with the amount of time you rest between circuits.  Try to cut down on your rest time, even if it's by a very small amount, for each workout.  I started out by removing 5 seconds from my rest period.  Once I got comfortable with that, I took off another 5 seconds.  It's something small that can make a big difference in the long run.  It forces your muscles to recover at a faster rate, which leads to strength gains.  This can also be done if you're doing sets of an exercise and not circuits.

If you're not keeping track of your rest time between circuits or exercises, then please start now.  Doing a set on the bench press, then sitting around for 5 minutes, then doing another set isn't very effective.  It also wastes time.

5)  Do Something You Enjoy
You're more likely to stick to your workout if it's something you enjoy.  If you absolutely hate running on a treadmill, like I do, then don't do it.  Trying to force yourself to do it may work for a day or maybe even a week.  Eventually you'll despise having to workout and most likely won't stick with it.  Instead, do something that you like.  Play basketball, soccer or another sport you enjoy.  If you like running outside or biking, then do that.  Find activities that you like and make incorporate them into your workouts.  You'll be happier and won't see working out as a chore.  

These are just a few tips that I've found helpful in my own experiences.  Please feel free to share tips that work for you!