Bing is the latest launch by Microsoft in its war against Google. If you expect it to flatten Google to smithereens, think again. However, Bing will undoubtedly attract many users with its solid relevancy as well as key features not available through Google. Here are 5 unique features of broken down.

  1. Search Results Organized into Categories
  2. Most significantly, Bing breaks down results into different categories rather than one lump sum so you can better specialize searches. Drill more results by clicking on the category links.
    Well aware that some searchers will ignore the categories, Bing also lumps results into a main category page called "web groups." Make sure to talk with a SEO consultant professional if you're looking to increase your Search Engine presence.

  3. Search History
  4. On the left side of the page, you'll find the new Search History area. It activates even if you aren't logged in, assuming you are using the same browser. The history will disappear if you manually erase your history or clear out your cookies. Creating a Windows Live account allows you to access your history from any computer. Silverlight makes it possible to save your history to your computer for posterity.

  5. Quick Previews
  6. Going beyond thumbnail images, Bing lists a short excerpt of the page to the right of any listing. This is text that Microsoft thinks is relevant beyond the short description provided. It's a great feature, but you can easily miss it. It saves a lot of time when you can get a good glance of the page before you actually click through.

  7. Instant Answers
  8. Though it's not new, Instant Answers is one feature where Microsoft really shines. It's handy when you can quickly view Oscar results or find out who won the Kentucky Derby at glance. Many searches just need a quick response, not an entire blog that goes into detail.

  9. Infinite Scroll of Images
  10. When searching for images, Bing allows you to just keep scrolling down without coming to the end of a page. You don't need to click through to the next pages, as the list of results continues infinitely. Save time with a continuous scroll. Why worry about the end of a page? All it takes is the down arrow to access any image you need.