List of life-changing books

I’ve put this short list together because you’ll definitely benefit from reading these books. No matter what you do in life for a job, these books will help you to get a different perspective about how you’re living your life now. They’re all highly recommended by lots of people out there and I’ve added links to Amazon for my favourite two (as it’s against this site’s rules to add more) - if you get them from my links, I’ll earn a commission of course; however, it’s not the only way. Follow the links and you’ll be able to read more reviews or buy the ones you like better. Here’s the list starting with the one I finished most recently:


Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier-Hansson

    Rework was written by the founders of 37signals, a web application based company. It is simply amazing; it’s a great book that challenges conventional business practice. Inside you’ll find unconventional advices like: meeting are toxic, avoid planning as it’s mere guessing, ASAP is poison and much, much more.


    The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferriss

      The famous best-seller from entrepreneur and lifestyle designer Tim Ferriss. It has received wide support from a lot of people from around the world and it offers great techniques to increase productivity and live a better life. From how to create your own product and make money to outsourcing your life, it’s all in there.


      The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everythingby Ken Robinson

      Sir Ken Robinson is a British author and advisor on education. This is just one of his works, here he shows you that when you discover what it is that you love to do and put it in practice you can be immensely happy and reach your true potential. Inside you’ll find stories from various creative artists that will most likely inspire you for the better.


      This business has legs by Peter Bieler

      Bieler’s story is truly amazing. He tells us his story in this book, how with no money, no experience and no product, yet he managed to make a $100 million business selling products through infomercials. It’s basically about how new businesses are created quickly in this modern world.


      The magic of thinking big by David Schwartz

      The author’s main argument is the reason people sometimes feel held back. He says that is a problem of having small thoughts. Inside you’ll find a set method to get the most of your life, including your job, personal life and your community.


      Hope you'll enjoy them, if you want to post a comment to discuss the ideas presented in these books go ahead, I'll be happy to chat. Cheers.