Five Small Business Ideas You Can Start Today

  1. Commercial Janitorial Business – This highly competitive, but highly lucrative business can be started on a shoestring, anywhere, any time.  The basics of the job take very little expertise and can be learned in a few minutes on a search engine.  The start-up costs are minimal, and the initial capital investment you can probably find in your cleaning closet at home.  How do you start?  Go on your word processor and create a simple tri-fold pamphlet.  Print out a couple hundred and place them on the doors of local businesses.  You are bound to get a phone call or two.  It would be easy to make upwards of $500/month in short order. 
  2. Painting Business – Nobody likes to paint.  Hey, that may even include you, but if you love money more than you hate painting, then this might be for you.  Learning how to paint is no harder than learning how to clean, but pays a bit more.  Again, the start up costs are almost nil, and the experience necessary can be learned and practice in the confines of your own home.  The answer of course is marketing.  Learn how to effectively market your services with flyers and handouts and the business will come.  Then it’s your job to execute and do a tidy job of painting the walls.
  3. Mobile Car Detailing – Again, this is a business that takes little to no time to learn, and can be done on the weekends or after hours.  You will need basic cleaning materials and some auto specific items, but nothing that costs more than $5.00 in general.  People will pay for services that save them time, and this is one of them.  Advertise with simple flyers and leave them on people’s windshield wipers in a neighborhood or mall.  Once the calls come in, it’s time to start making some $$$.
  4. House Cleaning Business – Similar to the commercial cleaning business listed above, a house cleaning business is a great way to earn extra income without a significant investment.  Nothing is more time consuming than upkeep on a home.  If you can key in on this market you will realize that people in higher scale neighborhoods almost exclusively use hired help to clean their homes.  Again, all you need is a simple flyer to leave on mailbox flags (don’t put them in the mailboxes, the USPS doesn’t seem to like this too much).  You will get phone calls if you put enough flyers.  I guarantee it!
  5. Courier Service – This is for those of you living in the city looking for ways to earn an extra buck.  Businesses send massive amounts of mail from office to office in the big city hubs.  Dropping off information to their front desk describing your services and rates, if competitive, will get you a chance to do some work for them.  As long as your average delivery cost per piece is lower than the first class rate of the post-office, you will get business.  Just do the math on that one, and make sure to keep your prices in line with the ever increasing postage stamp prices and you’ll continue to increase revenue.  Get a bike and get going!