Once You Go Geek...

Celebrities Wearing Geek Chic

More and more celebrities are embracing the aesthetic of geek. Where once you could expect to have sand kicked in your face for wearing such an outfit, now you'll be heralded as a fashion icon. 

Why do they do it? Many celebs wearing geek chic do it to stand out, or to look a little bit alternative. Geek styled clothes are popular with celebrities because they show a different side to them, and it shows off a bit more personality

Check out these five celebrities who wear geek chic clothing and look great doing it.

Justin Timberlake


No one does geek like JT! One of the pioneers of the look, Justin has been sporting the thick, black glasses for years. Let's face it, it's hard for Mr. Timberlake to go wrong, but as a well-dressed celebrity, geek chic clothing in particular seems to be made for him. 

Justin emphasizes the idea that there are various levels of geek-dom. Sometimes he'll just wear the glasses, other times he'll go all out with bow tie and vintage vest. It has taken his style from preppy to icon

Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye loves to show off his inner geek! The man doesn't always dress this way, but when he does, he does it right. 

Mr. West enjoys going high-class geek, sporting a fashionable yet ever-so-slightly geeky grey tweed suit and pairing it with a nice pair of geeky glasses and suspenders. He is a celebrity wearing geek chic clothing while looking spiffy at the same time. Notice the shirt buttoned up all the way despite the lack of tie. Tweed, suspenders and thick glasses paired together, nicely done sir!

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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Female celebrities seem to be a bit more hesitant to embrace geek chic, and this is a little disappointing to me. However, just before the Oscars, Anne Hathaway decided to risk a bit of geek, and I think it looks really good on her. 

Come on female celebrities, wear geek chic clothing more often, it looks awesome!

Right now Anne is just rocking the glasses, but I think she could stand a little extra geekiness in her look. Throw on some suspenders Anne, come on!

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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp(48562)

It's tough to call anything Johnny Depp wears geek chic, he just sort of trancends trends with his inherent coolness. However, this geeky look is one of his trademarks, and one likely to be copied for years to come. 

He is a celebrity who wore geek chic clothing before it was cool. His trademark tortoiseshell frames and precise attention to detail in his perfectly manicured facial hair and precisely coiffed tie say "I care how I look", while his shaggy hairdo says "I don't care". Pure genius, and the envy of millions of men worldwide.  

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

The originator, nobody does celebrity geek chic like Buddy. The guy was doing it 60 years ago! 

His look was so distinctive, frames of this kind are referred to as Buddy Holly glasses to this day. You can see every modern geek chic aesthetic reflected in his signature looks. Oh yeah, and it's worth mentioning he wrote some of the best music ever made. No big deal. 

When he wore geek chic clothes, his celebrity was limited and people were perplexed, but ever since then he has proven that the 'intelligent' look is a good one, and it looks good on many people. Good work Buddy!

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