Five Celebrities With Curly Hair

Curly Hair Celebrity Pictures

Naturally curly hair is a rare thing, and it's even rarer to see it in Hollywood. Nevertheless, there are a few celebrities with curly hair, and this article is all about those noble people. Rather than nuking or frying their natural curls into oblivion, these celebs have decided to go with it and make a statement with their God given benefits!

This article can be used as a style guide for hairstyles for curly hair, or just for those who are curious about celebrities with curly hair in general. Check out the pictures and enjoy my list of celebrity hairstyles

Celebrities With Curly Hair: Beyonce

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Beyonce is a girl who's never been afraid of her curls. She can often be seen on the red carpet with a ton of curly hair going on. Celebrities with curly hair around the world probably take cues from her and her confident style. 

Her hairstyle for curly hair is simply to let it be big and bold. Volume and curls are what she's going for, and it's not to difficult for her to achieve it! Beyonce's celebrity curly hair is iconic, and it's clear she loves who she is. 

Celebrities With Curly Hair: Melina Kanakaredes

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Melina Kanakaredes is a celebrity with curly hair. She has Greek ancestry, and it's very clear in her look and her hair. Melina played the lead in the NBC hit Providence, and she's always been very ok with her celebrity curly hair. And why not, since it looks great on her? 

Her curly hairstyle is smoothed a bit, and it's clear she uses some products and techniques to keep it from getting too frizzy or out of hand. She often wears it in a loose ponytail, but when she wears it down it usually looks like the picture above. 

Celebrities With Curly Hair: Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue is next on our list of celebrities with curly hair. This native of Australia has naturally curly and wavy hair, and she always uses it to her advantage, whether performing a show or appearing on the red carpet. 

Her celebrity curly hair styles always seem to include an effortlessly light and bubbly look. She often prefers to keep her hair short and let it fall where it may. She also often puts it up but maintains the curls, giving a casual and carefree impression. She has curly celebrity hair that many envy!

Celebrities With Curly Hair: Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is a celebrity with naturally curly hair, and even though she is very young, she has never been shy about showing it off. Her hairstyles are almost always curly, and she has a great variety of looks that she uses on a regular basis.

Taylor Swift is pretty inspirational, showing girls that there are other options than the plain, bland straight hair you see on the majority of celebs out there!

Celebrities With Curly Hair: Halle Berry

Celebrities With Curly Hair: Halle BerryCredit: Halle Berry

You may not know it because she has been keeping her hair super short for such a long time, but Halle Berry has incredible hair. When it gets any length at all, the curls just take over, and she goes with it! Her curly celebrity hair styles are amazing, and I'm surprised she doesn't let it grow out more often.