Five Celebrities With Short Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Have you noticed lately how many celebrities there are with short hair? Celebrity short hairstyles are super popular, and for good reason: they look great! Long hair will always be popular and look nice, but short hair styles are the thing to do these days!

I've listed five celebrities with amazing short hair, so you can check out what the stars are doing these days. Each one is a little bit different, but below are a bunch of great ideas that you can mimic or take ideas from. Enjoy the pictures too!

Celebrities With Short Hair: Rihanna

Short Hair Celebrities

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I could have written an entire article on Rihanna! She is the absolute queen of celebrity short hairstyles. True, she doesn't have this short 'do' anymore, but she'll probably go back to it eventually. She has had so many different short (and long) styles that it's hard to keep track! I've only included a single picture of her with short hair, but do some searching and you'll come up with a lot more! Other female celebrities with short hair take style tips from Rihanna because she does it so well. 

Rihanna's distinctive celebrity short hairstyles seem to be really cutting edge. She'll go just beyond the edge of what is acceptable and popular, and this edgy style works well for her personality and her stage presence!

Celebrities With Short Hair: Katie Holmes

Celeb Short Hairstyles

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Another celebrity who frequently has short hair is Katie Holmes. She is a great example of what you can do with bangs! Female celebrities with short hair everywhere are undoubtedly envious of Katie Holmes and her cute 'do. She does have one thing in particular going for her with this style: she looks like a pixie! 

The look she has pictured above is great for different purposes. It can look very edgy and distinctive with the intense bangs, or it can be swept to the side for a more everyday look. 

Celebrities With Shorter Hairstyles: Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is next in our list of celebrities with short hair. Her current hairstyle is part stylistic choice and part necessity: after playing a role on the Harry Potter films for so long, she needed to mix up her look to avoid being permanently typecast in her role.

Her extremely short hairstyle actually makes her look leaps and bounds more mature. She looks older and ready for adult roles in film. As celebrity short hairstyles go, this one is quite extreme, but it looks great on her!

Celebrities With Short Hair: Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham is a celebrity who's had a short hairstyle for many years now. It fluctuates in length from very short to around shoulder length, but she has the right body type for this hairstyle.

Her slender neck and shoulders and narrow facial features are perfect for a very close 'boy cut' hairstyle like this. Not all female celebrities with short hair can pull off this particular look, but she definitely can. Mrs. Beckham is among the most well known stars with short hair. 

Celebrities With Short Hair: Alison Lohman

celebrities with short hair: alison lohmanCredit: alison lohman

Alison Lohman is the last in our list of celebrities with short hair. She has a rounder face and large, dark eyes, so her celebrity short hairstyle is best if it frames her entire face nicely. She has had longer hair in the past (see Big Fish), and it looks great, but I definitely think short hair really sets off her look and works really well.