5 Children's Bedroom Decoration Ideas

It can be a blast to decorate your child's bedroom. Kids rooms give adults the opportunity to be playful and fun with their interior design ideas without having to worry too much about serious aesthetic touches or subtlety. You can be as colorful and fanciful as your kid. Here are a few design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Animal Themed Bedroom
Most kids love animals, and a great way to help them develop their interest is to give them a animal/zoo themed bedroom. You can find a lot of great animal posters and charts online to order. But it can also be fun to make stencils with your kid and decorate the walls with various animal shapes.

The Princess Room
The princess room can be as involved and elaborate as you and your child want it to be. Fanciful dressers and mirrors and as many pink decorative frills as you want are all part of the fun of this theme. Posters and wall paintings filled with castles, unicorns, rainbows, and princess gowns are all a must. You'll want to shop around for adequate furniture pieces and themed accent furniture when you're buying your own San Diego dining room furniture.

Seafaring Room
If your kid is love with ships and sail boats, what better way to make him happy than to give him an ship and seafaring themed bedroom. Paint the top half of the walls sky blue and the bottom half a sea blue color. You can draw waves and ripples on the ocean part and decorate the top with white clouds. Pepper the ocean landscape with islands, sail ships, sea monsters, barges and other naval designs.

Sports Room
If your kids loves a particular sport, be it baseball, soccer, hockey or football, a sports themed room is sure to make them happy. You can find plenty of sport-themed bed covers and furniture at many furniture stores. You can find sports memorabilia in thrift stores, used sporting goods and garage sales to serve as decorative accents.

The Garden Room
This theme can be a lot of fun and it can be a good way to get your kid excited about nature and healthy food. Paint green hills as wall backgrounds and brown garden patches in the foreground. Decorate these with simple vegetable paintings. Carrots, corn stalks, cabbages, etc. If you want, you can paint a white picket fence, or you can even buy a real garden fence at your nearest home improvement store and then attach the fence to the wall for a 3D effect.