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Unfortunately for cat owners, cat injuries are actually quite common. This is especially true for cats that are allowed to roam around outdoors. Injuries are usually quite small and harmless and the healing will happen quickly and without assistance. However, other cases are more serious and require the attention of a veterinarian. This article will highlight 5 common cat injuries.

Claw Injuries

Injuries to a cat's claws are very common unless of course your cat lives indoors and has had its claws removed. Cracked and severed claws are not a serious problem, but they are extremely painful for your cat because nerves run up the center of each nail. Broken nails usually grow back eventually, but an infection can develop if they are not properly trimmed and cleaned.

Bug Bites

The second of these 5 common cat injuries is bug and insect bites. Bites and stings are also very painful but are not a cause for concern unless the bite was by a poisonous creature such as a black widow spider. If you know that this is the case, bring your cat to a veterinary hospital immediately. To treat the bite yourself, remove the stinger (if there is one) and apply either aloe vera or a mixture of oatmeal and milk. This will stop the swelling and ease the pain due to the bite.

Snake Bites

Snake bites are definitely common in certain parts of the country. The state of Arizona has several poisonous snake species, the most common of which is the rattlesnake. Not all snake bites will kill a cat, but if the snake is poisonous then medical attention must be provided within the next half hour.

Cat Scratches and Bites

Cat scratches and bites resulting from a cat fight are another common cat injury. Infections can result of wounds are not properly looked after. If the wound is severe, you should bring your cat to the vet so that they can clean and dress the wound and prescribe medication to prevent infection.

Eye Injuries

The last common cat injury on this list is damage done to your cat's eyes due to a foreign object. These eye injuries are usually a result of the eye being scraped by a bush or branch. Cat fights are another possible cause. (As described above.)

As a cat owner, you must realize that cat illnesses are bound to happen sooner or later, most of which will be relatively harmless. However, if your cat has a large scrape, cut or bite or if it was caused by a poisonous creature, you should bring your cat to the vet.

There are many cat illnesses and health risks out there. Make sure that you learn the causes and symptoms so that you are able to spot them before the illness gets out of control.