Mistake #1

I'm not sure what the latest crash diet craze is at the moment but the last one I heard of was the Lemonade and Cayenne pepper diet. As odd as these combinations area some actually DO work. That is for a short time anyways. Crash dieting usually involves cutting your caloric intake by drastic measures.

When you got from consuming 1800-2000 calories per day to less than 1000 calories you will indeed start shedding those pounds. The one thing you may not have taken into account is the fact that you've reset your metabolism and actually slowed down the calorie burning process. With so few calories being consumed your body will burn those calories much more slowly and leading to gaining weight again.

Mistake #2

Skipping breakfast. I do this ALL the time and I'm not even dieting. The thought of food in the morning when I wake up just nauseates me. Sure, you cut calories by not eating breakfast in the morning but by the time lunch rolls around....you're ready to eat the refrigerator and quite possibly the vending machine next to it. When you skip breakfast most people tend to snack and those little nibbles here and there add up in the calorie count.

Mistake #3

Speaking of nibbling on snacks (...nibbles) between meals - no snacking can be just as bad. By snacking throughout the day and having several small meals helps curve hunger and control your appetite. Snickers bars don't count either...The snacks should be high in protein or fiber and have real nutritional value.

Mistake #4

Low-Fat goodies offer a great alternative to the high-fat food stuffs that exist out there. Many people seem to forget one caveat though - Low-Fat doesn't mean you can go to town on two boxes of low-fat Oreo cookies and expect to lose weight. Just because the items have reduced fat or sugar it is still vitally important to watch how many you consume. Eating 3 low-fat muffins could equal more calories than had you consumed a regular one.

Mistake #5

Do you have a coffee in front of you? Maybe a nice cold Pop/Soda/Coke that's sweating on your desk creating a nice little water ring? Did you know you could be consuming almost have your caloric intake for the day by finishing off that Starbucks coffee? Without even having a Mountain Dew in front of me I can tell you it contains 240 calories - per can. When we are dieting we don't tend to look at our drinks and how many calories they contain. Beer, Coffee, Wine, almost all of it contains calories.

You don't have to give up the things you love and enjoy but if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off you need to make lifestyle changes. Cutting back on sugary foods, high caloric intake, and finding alternatives that offer you the same pleasures with less health impact.

Learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be tricky from the start but you will find that after the first two weeks it will start becoming a routine you'll soon learn to enjoy.