Most automobiles rollover when they are hit by another vehicle in intersections. In this kind of accident, it would be easy to identify the reason of the rollover. However, there are also vehicles that rollover by themselves, without any outside force coming from another car or object. This is often called single rollover accidents.

In a single rollover accident, the main focus is on the vehicle – its weight, width, height, capacity, etc. – and the driver. Considering these factors, auto and accident diagnostic experts have identified the five most common causes of single rollover accidents.

  1. Height of the vehicle

The vehicle's height is a crucial factor in a rollover accident. If a motor vehicle is too high, its upper part might become too heavy to be controlled by the driver. This weight is doubled when the vehicle makes a sharp turn.

  1. Overspeeding

Although a lot of drivers have learned their lesson and stopped driving over the speed limit, a few still choose to break the law. If a person drives at 80 miles per hour, he may find it very difficult to react when something suddenly gets in his way.

  1. Heavy vehicles

Cargo trucks and SUVs are the top two vehicles that are prone to rollover accidents because of their high center of gravity. The high center of gravity in an SUV is caused by its design. On the other hand, big rig trucks have it because of their long and heavy trailers.

  1. Narrow track width

This is the space between the left and right wheels of a vehicle. If the car's track width is narrow, it would be difficult for the driver to balance it, especially when making turns.

  1. Oversensitive steering wheels

If a car's steering wheel is oversensitive, the driver may lose control of it when he makes turns.

If you do not want to get involved in single rollover accidents, you should check your vehicle and find out if these factors are present. However, checking your vehicle alone would not keep you away from such accidents. As a driver, you should also become more disciplined whenever you are on the road. This would not only keep you away from injuries, it would also save you from unnecessary expenses.

Accidents are situations that result to financial loss, injury, and even death. Unless you become a safe driver and consider other people around you, you will remain at risk of encountering an accident yourself.

This article is not meant to be interpreted as a legal advice. To know the available legal options regarding your case, consult a Personal Injury Lawyer for more information.