It seems like no matter what you do bugs and other pest find their way into your home. They can fit into the smallest of cracks that seem impossible to find. You can spray pesticides around your home but the health consequences of the chemical are not worth it. Nature has its own pest repellants and they can help you naturally keep pest away. These 5 common herbs are known to naturally repel pest and can also be used for everyday cooking..

1.) Bay leaf - This herb is probably sitting in the spice rack in your kitchen. The same dried herb you use in cooking can keep away moths, weevils, mice, roaches and other unwanted pest.

If you ever get bugs in the flours and grains in your pantry put one or two bay leaves in the container of grains, to keep bugs out. You can also scatter leaves on the shelves of your pantry and cabinets.

2.) Mint - Dried mint in pantries and cabinets can help keep away mice. Try soaking a small cloths in a strong dilution of Peppermint essential oil and placing them in the pantry and cabinets.

Plant mint plants around your house. The smell keeps away mice and ants. Plus you will have a fresh supply of mint for herbal tea, cooking and baking.

3.) Basil - Basil is an easy to grow, fragrant herb. Its fragrance is what repels flies. Grow some in planters and place them next to the doors of your house to keep flies out of your house. When you have an outdoor get together place a couple basil plants on the tables to keep flies away.

4.) Lavender - This beautiful smelling and beautiful looking lavender plant is not beautiful to some insects. Mosquitoes, fleas and moths are repelled by lavender. Grow lavender bushes outside in planters around areas you frequent, to repel mosquitoes. It will also keep the area around your house smelling wonderful.

Tie some sprigs of lavender together and hang them in your closet and place some in the areas you store your off season clothes. This will keep moths from eating your clothes. You can also soak some cotton balls in lavender essential oil and place them in the containers with your seasonal clothes.

5.) Rosemary - A staple in most kitchens, rosemary is more than just a flavorful herb. The rosemary plant can help repel mosquitoes. Plant some around your patio to keep mosquitoes away at night. It can also help keep out cockroaches.